These Super Tiny Native Terrariums Captures Those Lovely Fresh Greens Magically Well!

Of course, indoor plants are a wonderful way to cherish some fresh greens if you don’t have an outdoor garden. But, nothing can beat the awesomeness of a lovely terrarium, shrinking the prettiness of nature into tiny glass containers. Here’s how to make tiny native Terrariums!

Making TINY Native Terrariums

Capturing a piece of the natural greens and small florals into a small glass holder, terrariums are surely a super fun and unique way to adorn your space with some much-needed element of nature. Whether you use them as table centerpieces, mantel decorations or simply place them around the workspace – they are going to steal the show without a fail.

Titled as ‘making tiny native terrariums’, this YouTube tutorial by SerpaDesign surely takes you through the process of assembling terrariums all by yourself in a step by step fashion. But, what makes this one stand out from the rest is the extraordinarily small size of the terrariums this tutorial works up. In fact, the whole magic is captured inside a variety of super tiny cooktop glass containers that are sealed with tiny corks.

When working with such small containers, it’s always best to make false bottoms for the terrariums. To get that done, you can use some charcoal or activated carbon – SerpaDesign goes for some carbon, breaking it into smaller bits with the help of a hammer.

Other major supplies that you are going to need include bamboo skewers, a bunch of tweezers, sandpaper, some soil, some plants, a rock, a hot glue gun, some twigs, water, a pippet or syringe or super thin straws, and some springtails.

The first step is to add the carbon false bottom to each of the containers not only to provide it some weight and let it stand upright but also to purify the water and keep the contents of the terrarium fresh for long. To dump carbon into each container, you can simply use a folded piece of paper, further employing the same method to pour some soil into each of the jars.

Making TINY Native Terrariums – Tutorial video

(Video and pictures via SerpaDesign)

If you are using longer tube-like jars, you may find it hard to fill them with the ingredients. A grabber rock can come to the rescue, wherein you can glue the jar to the rock in a slant, further pouring the stuff into the bottle.

You can get as random as you would like when it comes to gathering the plants for the terrariums. Head to the garden and collect small pieces of plants from around the area. Let’s advance to decorating the terrariums with the plants, which you can do with the help of skewers and tweezers.

It would look awesome if you couple the plants up with some tiny twigs and gravel, bringing out a more natural look to those self-assembled pretties. The fact that you are handling tiny bits of plants and equally tiny containers, it surely calls for a great deal of care in handling everything, but the end results are totally worth all that effort.

Once you are done, it’s time to add some water into each of the jars using a straw or pippette, finally throwing in some springtails, and voila!