25 DIY Modern Farmhouse Style Projects That are Versatile and Oh so Glorious!

In the current scenario of chic high-fashion home decorations, farmhouse style pieces of furniture or decor somewhat seem to be a rare-to-find affair. And that’s what makes such items come for a super costly deal when going for store-bought ones. However, just a few steps and some creativity is all it takes to work up these glorious DIY modern farmhouse style projects for your home.


DIY Modern Farmhouse Style Projects

Modern Farmhouse Style Projects

1. Farmhouse Window Trim

Farmhouse Window Trim

Even the tiniest of room windows can look oh so luxurious with a dash of farmhouse appeal brought by some cheap lumber and bright paint. Removing the old trims of the window and adding a new apron and trims is all it takes, further enhancing the look with a bold ledge at the bottom. Charm the window with delicate lace curtains.

While this inspiration by Love Grows Wild gets it all done in a deal of under 10 dollars, working up the farmhouse window trim depends on the size of the window of your room. The fact that it’s only simple straight cuts that are used to build the trim makes it even more easier. Dove White goes for the bright splash after caulking all the seams between each board and carefully priming the trims, complimenting just about any color scheme and decor with perfection.

Idea Details : lovegrowswild

2. The Easiest DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks

The Easiest DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks

Rustic looking candlesticks as beautiful as these won’t fail to make a mark, no matter if placed on the mantel on a special occasion or simply round the year. What’s used to build the farmhouse-inspired candlesticks is vintage spindles that are readily available in thrift stores. Oh yes, you can add variety to the candlesticks by cutting down the spindles to different heights.

The circular tops and the base of the candlesticks are pretty wooden pieces, blending with the spindles magically well when the final piece is coated with chalk paint in linen white. For the perfect farmhouse vibe, the paint is sanded down the edges in some spots and the distressed look makes them look even more vintage. Just a few screws to attach the pieces together and some paint is all it takes!

Idea Details : littlevintagenest

3. Round Wood Mirror DIY

Round Wood Mirror DIY

Introduce great blend of chic and rustic to your bathroom with this vanity mirror that takes the cake with its pleasing round shape. You are going to need a round frameless mirror, some kreg screws, wood glue, stainable wood filler, wood stain, pre-stain wood conditioner, polyurethane, mirror clips, kreg jig, drill, miter saw, router, straight router bit, scrap wood/plywood or circle router jig to get started with the project.

The round wood mirror looks splendid when it’s finished border is covered with a dark wood stain. Check out the steps you need to follow to forge the construction heading to the below tutorial by Angela Marie Made. If a well-planned woodworking is your cup of tea, then this one is a must-make, specially when adding a special charm to a small vanity space. Surprisingly budget-friendly for any of its store-bought counterparts.

Idea Details : angelamariemade

4. DIY Weathered Wood Bedroom Dresser

DIY Weathered Wood Bedroom Dresser

Don’t get rid of that eyesore of an old bedroom dresser that doesn’t seem to match the decor of your home anymore. Instead, give it an all new makeover, turning the piece of storage into a glorious DIY dresser with an interesting weathered look. You are going to need an antique oak dresser, BOSS clear stain block, chalky mineral paint, some brown wax, and paintbrushes.

The key is to prime the dresser, adding layers of two different-hued mineral paints, further brushing on brown wax on the surface using a hard bristle brush. The final brushing of the wax creates a gorgeous texture and contrast that compliments the structure of the dresser, bringing out the best of the intended imperfections that are no more than a piece of cake to work up. Once the wax dries, the dresser is all set to adorn your space.

Idea Details : salvagedinspirations

5. Modern Farmhouse DIY Wall Art

Modern Farmhouse DIY Wall Art

This wall art showcases how a simple work of art that comes with a farmhouse touch to itself can add the much-needed contrast to an otherwise, chic decor. The graphic quilted pattern that’s worked up on a wooden panel that disguises as the canvas here rightly carries the distressed texture of the paint done by sanding and softening it a bit.

While white and grey look just perfect for each other, it’s totally a matter of your whims and choices when it comes to choosing the colors. Just a handful of supplies, including some paint, wherein you go for a base color and an accent color of your choice for the stencil, some barn wood or scrapwood, and a stencil are all you need to forge the glorious do-it-yourself wall art from the very scratch. For the final splendour, the author couples up the wall art with a Perspective 27 Peach arrow above. Head to the below guide and learn the steps you need to follow.

Idea Details : reinventedkb

6. Oakley Coffee Table

Oakley Coffee Table

A coffee table as stunning as this one can give just about any store-bought furniture piece a run for its money. And even more special is the part that’s it’s a totally homemade affair, getting a cherishing farmhouse appeal with those legs from Osborne Wood Projects. Easy to use clutch bar style clamps attach the legs to the table top and the base, yielding a lovely Oakley coffee table that is all set to adorn with some luxurious hues.

First, it’s coated with some Annie Sloan chalk paint in lovely linen white, finishing off with a nice gel stain in dark walnut. Finally, the table gets a coat of Minwax Polycrylic Matte that gives it an even richer look. Head to the below tutorial by handmade Haven that explains the whole process of crafting the table with a rustic touch all by yourself, that too in just a matter of few simple steps.

Idea Details : handmade-haven

7. End Table Cart for $20 in Wood

End Table Cart for $20 in Wood

Build an end table cart that will have ample of room to put all of your television equipment and a couple of blankets, working as an apt and appropriate bed-side or next-to-couch accessory. Speaking of the supplies, you need some kreg screws, kreg jig, wood boards, pre-stain conditioner, cordless drill, Minwax special walnut stain, Minwax wipe-on poly top coat, orbital sander, some corner brackets, metal casters, chop saw, tape measure, screws for casters, and some upholstery tacks.

The two-level cart comes with tiny wheels that keep it easy-to-move around the house, while being the little metal accents to the wood when accompanied by the braces that join the wooden boards together. No more than 20 dollars are what the project calls for.

Idea Details : infarrantlycreative

8. Farmhouse Style Round Pedestal Table

Farmhouse Style Round Pedestal Table

The traditional round pedestal table design inspired from old French home decorations is undoubtedly, a thing rare-to-find in the modern day houses. And that’s why, this farmhouse-style creation can turn out to be the sureshot applause-stealer of your living room. The single-leg base of the table doesn’t only look beautiful, but is also super sturdy and strong at the same time.

The round top compliments the base just perfect, but you can always get a little whimsical with the same and go for square or even an octagon. The reclaimed wood texture flaunted by the tabletop is a work of faux finishing with stain, while the base has got a white paint with a little sanding on some spot to make it look pleasingly distressed. The below guide by Her Tool Belt shows the simple steps you need pedestal prettiness at home.

Idea Details : hertoolbelt

9. Distressed Farmhouse Shelf

Distressed Farmhouse Shelf

Making the best use of vertical wall space for tiny rooms, wall-mounted shelves serve the purpose of decoration as well as functionality at the same time. This distressed farmhouse shelf is a great example of the same, utilizing the narrow space between the kitchen window and the pantry cupboard which most shelves available in the stores fail to do. The bottom of the shelf is painted a beautifully textured white, i.e. mineral-based furniture paint in casement, and the top is stained with a contrasting hue of brown, finished off with a silky smooth sealer for the top coat.

Check out what all needs to be done to build the shelf in a surprisingly inexpensive deal as shared by Anderson and Grant. Use to the shelf to place small vases or other decorative items, or simply let it house kitchen trays, cups or dishes with a dash of style – the farmhouse shelf is going to hit the right notes every single time.

Idea Details : andersonandgrant

10. Salvaged Window Turned Farmhouse Mirror

Salvaged Window Turned Farmhouse Mirror

Increasing the amount of light that enters a space, mirrors definitely, are a point of emphasis of a room. However, it’s the frame that determines the look and feel of a mirror, letting you customise it for your very own decor. When we are speaking of pieces that reflect more of a modern farmhouse-style, how about an old wooden window turned into a gorgeous mirror that’s also easy on the budget?

You are going to need a window, a piece of glass or a mirror, some mirror adhesive, brad nailer and finishing nails, a mirror effect spray paint, hanging hardware, white caulk, isopropyl alcohol, and some black spray paint. Once you transform the glass into mirror, all it takes is to attach it with the frame and add a hook to the back of the mirror for hanging. Just caulk the seams to remove any gaps between the frame and the mirror, and voila!

Idea Details : theweatheredfox

11. DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard with Rustic Wooden Frame

DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard with Rustic Wooden Frame

Even if you are the most novice of a woodworker, you can construct this DIY farmhouse-inspired rustic wooden frame chalkboard with surprising ease. The heavily distressed frame here makes each and every groove and line of the furring wood strips stand out with grace. And the effect is achieved by staining the frame dark and coating it with white paint when it’s dry, finally sanding the surface to distress it.

For the chalkboard, use a sheet of plywood and coat it with chalkboard paint, connecting the board with the frame by screwing the two together. The unique twist is how the chalkboard is used to display flowers, hanging an old lightning canning jar on the frame to house flowers, lastly, hanging the piece to the wall. Knick Of Time takes you through the detailed step-by-step instructions to build your own versions of the chalkboard.

DIY Details : knickoftime

12. Farmhouse Reading Nook

Farmhouse Reading Nook

Celebrate your love for reading by working up a breathtakingly beautiful dedicated reading nook in a little corner around the house. This farmhouse-style nook is a super comfy and cozy place that’ll let you relax with a great book and a cup of coffee in hand. A nice floor lamp makes up for the light required for a comfortable reading, while that large earthy-looking chair is adorned with soft cushions and a blanket.

The author also places a super adorable basket on the side to hold some more pillows. The cherry on the cake is that cute little terra cotta pot placed on the tiny square-top plant stand. Cherished Bliss shares the links to everything you’ll need to replicate the lovely reading nook, right from the wicker chair to the Hobby Lobby curtains for the window.

DIY Details : cherishedbliss