Here are 25 Extraordinary Old Windows Home Decor Ideas That Build New Pieces of Wonder!

Often home renovations leave us with a few sets of old window panels or frames that end up lying in the attic, the store room, or simply are thrown away. However, there’s so much more you can accomplish by subjecting the windows to a little creativity. Here are 25 extraordinary old windows home decor ideas that build new pieces of wonder!

Old Windows Home Decor Ideas

 1. How to Make a Window Table

How to Make a Window Table

Give an all new purpose to an otherwise old window frame in just a matter of few steps, transforming it into a wonderful coffee table for your living area. What you are going to love the most about this piece of prettiness is that it comes with a lid that you can lift as and when required. Simply use the storage space underneath to store the toys spread around the room, or your favorite books or whatever you want to. While the table-top is an old window, the rest has been worked up using inexpensive repurposed wood in a super quick fashion as explained in the below guide.

DIY Details : martysmusings

2. How to Make a Chalkboard Window

How to Make a Chalkboard Window

What can be more better than turning an old window frame into a unique chalkboard surface which will add an engaging appeal to your home. You can start off by selecting the stain of your choice if you want to enhance the look of the frame or let it be original which will give it a more natural look. Move further with spraying the chalkboard paint on the glasses of the window which is a matter of few minutes. Once the paint is dry, your chalkboard is ready to be filled with messages and doodles! For further details, have a look at the tutorial given below.

DIY Details : theshabbycreekcottage

3. Super Chic Picture Frames

Super Chic Picture Frames

Another amazing and effortless idea for using your old window frame before throwing them away is to convert it into a beautiful piece to display your favourite pictures. This window frame turned picture display will be much more attractive than any other store bought photo frame. Some strings wrapped randomly around the frame, a bunch of vintage pictures and a little amount of your time is all you need to create this remarkable picture frame which will be an eye catcher for all your guests. Make sure that the pictures are hung carefully between the strings as mentioned in the link given below.

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

4. Old Window Picture Display

Old Window Picture Display

One of the ways to utilise your house window frame is to convert it into a photo frame display to adorn the walls of your living room. Each window comes with around six to eight sections which can act as frames to your pictures, grab the photos that you want to display according to the size of the frames. It’s your choice if you want to paint the frame with a colour of your choice to match it with the color scheme of your pictures. The glasses of the window do not need to be removed as they will serve as the frames to each picture.

DIY Details : cottageinstincts.blogspot

5. How to Make Bathroom Mirror Rack

How to Make Bathroom Mirror Rack

If you want to add a little more rustic appeal to your already vintage decorated bathroom then do have a look at this tutorial – it a must try for you. The old and seemingly useless window frame can be utilised as an impressive bathroom mirror that can be placed right above your sink or above the footboard racks. For this idea, a window frame with less number of sections is preferred like the frame with three square divisions as a mirror with six or more sections will disintegrate the image in the mirror. For more knowledge, refer the guide given below.

DIY Details : findinghomefarms

6. Grapevine and Burlap Wreath

Grapevine and Burlap Wreath

Putting a wreath as a welcoming decor on your front door is not dependent on a particular time of the year be it summer or autumn, a wreath can be placed irrespective of the season or occasion. If you believe it too then you should definitely go for this mesmerising autumn wreath inspiration by A Pretty Life made simply with grapevine and burlap. This easy to make wreath is chic and an inexpensive option as a decorative piece for your front door or window. The grapevine gives a significant natural charm to the wreaths as it can be seen in the tutorial given below.

DIY Details : aprettylifeinthesuburbs

7. Must-Make Antique Window Headboard

Must-Make Antique Window Headboard

Another use for an old window frame is to be refurbished as a headboard. Finding an appropriate and pocket friendly headboard is a tough job nowadays as the prices are sky high. But you don’t need to worry as there are several options that can be opted to create a headboard exactly of your choice. One of the options is this idea by Liz Marie Blog, which provide an antique appearance to your entire room. Make sure that all the windows that you use are of the same shape , size and texture. You can always paint the frame or keep it natural.

DIY Details : lizmarieblog

8. DIY Window Cabinet

DIY Window Cabinet

A window pane is not limited to be used as a decorative piece only, it can always serve as a storage space or cabinet for your bathroom or kitchen to house the essentials. This tutorial will guide you towards the functional usage of a window pane as a storage alternative. Start with joining the window frame with the racks of its size and fasten them with clamps. For increased support, you can also add shelves at the back. Complete the cabinet by painting it with the stain that matches the theme of your bathroom or kitchen. Complete the frame by adding a beautiful knob to it.

DIY Details : craftsmandrive

9. Turn Your Old Houseís Windows Into A Chalkboard Work Of Art!

urn Your Old Houseís Windows Into A Chalkboard Work Of Art

Converting an old window to a chalkboard is the most fun alternative that can be considered for an old frame. The chalkboard may act as a display for the doodlings of your children or messages for the family members or simply the menu for the kitchen. Each section of the frame can also be used to mention the schedules of the family. You can always decide the purpose for your window turned chalkboard. This tutorial by Debbie will guide you through process to make your very own work of art out of the window panes without any expenses and hardwork.

DIY Details : debbie-debbiedoos

10. How to Make an Altered Window Frame

How to Make an Altered Window Frame

Who does not like a pinch of colour and varied prints and patterns, this tutorial helps you to create a colorful and vibrant piece of decor for your living room or kid’s room to give a lively ambience. All you need to do is gather some flamboyant printed papers similar to the size of the divisions of the frame. You can always add your customizations to the project as adding knobs to the bottom of the frame. Give the frame a finishing touch by making a paper wreath out of the papers you put on the frame. This frame is the most fun and easy to make idea.

DIY Details : littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot

11. Window Transformed into Picture Frame

Window Transformed into Picture Frame

When the name of one of the most mesmerising capitals of the world comes to the mind, you just wish that you could see it all the time. Yes, we are talking about Paris here! This tutorial gives you the chance to have the all time view of the most gorgeous city right in your living room. You just need to find yourself the desired view of the city in the form of a poster or picture. What you will love about this idea is that the fragmented window panes can be used to give an unparalleled vision of the picture or poster that you will be placing inside the window frame.

DIY Details : starshinechic

12. Cover Up The Electrical Panel With A Window!

Cover Up The Electrical Panel With A Window

Who thought that the unlovely electrical panel can also be customised with a little piece of art and decor without even spending a dime to acquire a worthy cover for it especially if your panel is placed at a spot that might be reasonably visible to your visitors. You can start off by selecting a beautiful looking drape that will be attached to the window frame to cover the panel. The frame of the window can also be customised by putting some scotch tape or paint to it to give it a more pretty look than usual.

DIY Details : onegirl-threebrothers.blogspot