19 Outdoor Storage Benches That Also Work as Gorgeous Seating Solutions!

Are you in love with the idea of cherishing those summer or spring evenings in leisure while sitting on the patio or the garden? Even better when you can club a seating solution or an outdoor table with ample of space to store the throw pillows, outdoor blankets or other stuff you need while spending time outside the house. And these outdoor storage benches don’t fail to impress you with the kind of chic element they flaunt.

Best Outdoor Storage Benches

Outdoor Storage Benches That Also Work as Gorgeous Seating Solutions

1. X Leg Bench with Crate Storage

X Leg Bench with Crate Storage

Here is one of a kind piece of furniture that doubles up as an outdoor bench and a storage alternative for your backyard without occupying much of the space. It is pretty difficult to find such an option in the market so head to your workshop with some wooden boards and crates that would be used to store your stuff in the backyard under the top of the bench. The use of crates gives it a much needed rustic appeal which highly compliments the outdoor area. You can always stain the pieces or paint them or just let them be natural, whatever suits the look of your space. Opt for a good waterproofing stain as you are going to place your bench in the outdoor area of your house so that it does not fall apart or rot.

DIY Details : thekimsixfix

2. Dark Stained Wooden Board Storage Bench

Dark Stained Wooden Board Storage Bench

What can be better than a bench cum storage box to place in your outdoor space. This inspiration by Anna White is one of the most space efficient storage bench ideas as it is a complete package. All you need to build this special piece of furniture is some wooden boards of the same length and two door hinges to attach the top of the bench. The wooden bench has been designed after the West Elm’s Wood Slat Storage bench. Make sure that you fasten the elements strongly which makes it appropriate for regular use. This would require a stain or a paint for your choice, try to keep it at a dark tone to complete the look. Be ready to answer questions from your guests about where you got it. For more information, move to the tutorial given below.

DIY Details : ana-white

3. DIY Outdoor Storage Box and Bench

DIY Outdoor Storage Box and Bench

Another idea for the storage bench is from Sand and Sisal. This piece is perfect to be installed in small balconies or a large terrace. The simple construction of this bench is going to blend in any outdoor setting. The best part about this idea is that it is built out of plywood panels, providing safety to whatever is stored inside from a bad weather, just in case. The safety factor of this bench makes it useful alongside the pool in your backyard as the contents in it will not be damaged by water. In the tutorial, you can see that wheels have been integrated in the design of this bench which makes it easier to move and relocate the piece. To understand better, you can visit the link for the step by step construction of this bench.

DIY Details : sandandsisal

4. Repurposed Headboard Bench

Repurposed Headboard Bench

If you are willing to change your bed or have already replaced it, have a look at this unique inspiration by Fab Art DIY which converts your old bed into an all new repurposed storage bench. Start off by disassembling your bed and separate the headboard and footboard that would act like the frame of the bench. Further, add a slab to the bottom so that it becomes the storage chamber of your bench. For the sitting area of the bench, use some plywood slabs or pallets. Add your finishing touches by painting it and by putting some cushions over it. This piece of furniture is not going to be much heavy and you can easily move it according to your requirements. The bench will surely catch eyes from your neighbours and guests.

DIY Details : fabartdiy

5. Outdoor Bench with Storage

Outdoor Bench with Storage

The neutral colour scheme of this bench makes it so versatile for any outdoor space, as it will be complimenting to any setting. This piece is built with an easy to lift lid, which will act as the seating and the cover for your items stored in the bench. In the pin it can be seen that the inside of the bench is divided in two different sections which makes it even more comfortable for putting stuff as one section can be used to store soft and fragile items whereas the other one can be used to keep the outdoor garden essentials. The bench is constructed in such a manner that it provides a back support and handles on the sides for the ease of placing your hands while sitting on it. Much effort is not put in painting the bench, the idea adorns the distressed paint which gives a more natural look.

DIY Details : pinterest

6. Minimalism At Its Best

Minimalism At Its Best

Add a little more space to sit in your patio or backyard by this DIY outdoor bench with storage. In the guide it can be seen that fretwork panels with intricate designs have been used to create the backrest of the bench while the sitting is made a much comfortable one with the help of a mattress placed on top accompanied by a cushion. You can add charms to the look by setting a few planters around the bench which compliment the colour scheme of the bench as well as the space. The storage area has been kept hidden under the seat which makes it more comfortable to use. The construction of this bench is gonna take only a weekend from your busy schedule and you will have an all new piece of DIY furniture in your home. For further understanding, refer the link below.

DIY Details : hgtv

7. Rustic Bench with Aqua Accents

Rustic Bench with Aqua Accents

The delicate element of aqua blue used for the accents on this bench compliments the natural rustic texture of the wood like nothing else can. All you need to build this beautiful bench is some cedar boards cut into same dimensions, a few hinges to make the top lift and a mesh hardware cloth. The use of the cedar boards makes it durable for all seasons and the stuff inside the bench will be protected and the mesh cloth to the bottom makes the water and dirt to pass through rather than pooling inside the bench. The lid in the tutorial has been divided into two sections as it makes it easier for the kids to lift it up without having to lift the entire heavy board at once. This storage bench comprises of a lot of room for stuff to be loaded instead of being littered in the backyard.

DIY Details : thehandymansdaughter

8. Faux Louvered Storage Bench

Faux Louvered Storage Bench

This storage box and bench is as easy as it is funky. Use a slatted deck box to give a stylish appeal to the bench. Creating the faux louvered look may appear a little difficult to achieve but it is as simple as tilting the slats. The louvered designing of the bench gives it a more engaging look than any other flat designed benches. You can enhance it with a paint of your choice or a stain to give it a more natural look. All you need to create this bench is wooden boards, a saw and drill. Just make sure that you place the boards at the right angles to each other to make the tilted effect of the bench. For a better understanding, move forward to the guide mentioned below for step by step construction of the bench.

DIY Details : build-basic