18 Phenomenal Pergola Ideas That Top a Patio or Decorate Your Yard with Glory!

Extremely stylish for an outdoor shelter without a traditional roof, pergolas are getting increasingly popular as one of the coolest additions to modern homes. Topping a patio, the porch or just going for an extra decorative touch to your space, these structures are versatile enough to be made using wood, metal, or even glass for some elements. Check out these 10 Pergola Ideas that are absolute glory in every single bit.

10. Malibu Pergola with Curtains

Malibu Pergola with Curtains

How about blending a boho vibe to a farmhouse inspired pergola? As cool to look as it sounds, this one is a contemporary outdoor decor, having lovely white curtains hanging from the pergola that are pulled back with delicate silver strings. To complete the look, this inspiration features cube-shaped woven chairs, loads of cushions and pillows for added comfort and beautiful hanging lights.

Idea Details : dekoloji

11. Pretty Pergola with Hanging Bench and Curtains

Pretty Pergola with Hanging Bench and Curtains

While the wide frame of the white hued pergola lets you cherish some fresh breeze, grabbing a spot on a swinging bench is perhaps, the best feeling one can have. The swing features a tasseled woven seat, having heavy ropes hold it to the roof of the pergola. The coordinating color of the curtains that are tied back works for the privacy of the space.

Idea Details : blog.homedepot

12. Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers

Deck Pergola with Plant Hangers

If you are looking for construction a pergola at home right from the very scratch, this step by step guide by Lowes is your destination to working up a lovely deck pergola that’s decorated with pretty hanging planters. Lots of cables and exposed bolts of the structure allow for hanging plants with great ease, while a nice light brown stain goes for coating the lumber pieces.

Idea Details : lowes

13. No Roof Pergola with Integrated Shade

No Roof Pergola with Integrated Shade

Bidding farewell to a pergola roof, this one of a kind design has got only a square frame extending from the front wall of the house, having two pillars support it on the other ends. For the roof, the pergola has got one single slat right in the middle of the frame and the shade is provided with a slight twist. A chic pulley system shade is integrated into the top frame that one can close or open with ease.

Idea Details : i.pinimg

14. Glass Top Pergola

Glass Top Pergola

Wood is the chief material that comes to mind when constructing a pergola. But who knew steel could prove to be even more luxurious to work up an outdoor pergola that also replaces a regular roof with a stunning glass top. Although, this design is surely a delicate affair, it surely is a breathtaking one if taken the right care of. The steel pillars also help to hold the glass top together by providing a roof frame.

Idea Details : cdn.decoist

15. Poolside Pergola

Poolside Pergola

The picture itself well explains how sturdy and durable is the wooden frame sported by this unique pergola that allows for a comfortable pool side seating. And the dark stain of the structure goes just right with the cool summer vibe of the space and the pool, having the pergola cables extend from the frame and meet right in the middle at the top, finished up by a shade for the roofing.

Idea Details : stylemotivation

16. Backyard Pergola with Transparent Curtains

Backyard Pergola with Transparent Curtains

How elegant does this backyard pergola look when it’s jazzed up with oh so delicate curtains flowing down its rustic frame from all the sides. The sturdy structure is built using red cedar, having its appearance charmed up with coats of premium cedar stain. The white curtains with their transparent fabric are simply unbeatable.

Idea Details : ernskie

17. Pergola Parts for Garden Decor

Pergola Parts for Garden Decor

It’s not always about providing a cover to the porch when it comes to the purpose of a pergola. Sometimes, it can work wonders as a decorative element for your garden – just like these pergola parts that extend from the fence and form three cuboidal frames that line the pathway creating an illusion of an entrance. The fact that the pergola is coated in black makes it oh so breathtaking.

Idea Details : buytengewoon

18. Black Pergola with String Lights

Black Pergola with String Lights

The credit for making a complete statement here goes to the creative lighting added to this pergola that celebrates black in the most amazing ways ever. The wooden structure worked up above a set of black wicker chairs and a cute coffee table in the middle is adorned with hanging planters for extra beauty. Lots of string lights run throughout its roof, having hanging lanterns work up their glory.

Idea Details : swoonworthy (image 12)

Vintage looking pergolas with beautiful fabric elements and rustic wood? Or a chic alternate that replaces wood with a not so conventional material? We bet the above pergola ideas haven’t failed to offer you exactly what you were looking for.