This DIY $20 Rustic Bathroom Cabinet that’s Sheer Magic!

Looking out for more storage space to make the most of a small bathroom around the house? Perhaps, this DIY Rustic Bathroom Cabinet would prove itself to be the ideal solution, getting it all done under a deal of 20 dollars.

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

We love the minimal design and that amazingly earthy texture of the cabinet that makes it a perfect farmhouse addition to your space, while of course, allowing you to store and organize the bathroom supplies in a well-managed and statement making fashion – thanks to the lovely three shelf built of the cabinet.

How spectacular is that towel hanging rod attached to the bottom of the cabinet, contrasting the original rustic essence of the piece with an industrial vibe is a must mention something. And not to forget, it’s just a fraction of the cost of a store-bought bathroom cabinet.

The Rehab Life takes you through the entire process of working up the rustic bathroom cabinet right from the very scratch through detailed visual instructions in this YouTube video tutorial that explains it all under a matter of 8 minutes.

Speaking of the tools that you need to assemble cabinet, it calls for a miter saw, a drill and impact driver, a tape measure, safety goggles, ear protection, and a mask. And the material required includes lots of lumber pieces in a specific cut list, a half inch galvanized pipe, a galvanized floor flange, a half inch galvanized elbow, a half inch galvanized close nipple, some finish nails, screws, some wood glue, a sanding block, polyurethane, and a nice wood stain.

Once you have got the right sized pieces, the first step is to bring out a distressed touch to the pieces of lumber by hitting the edges and the sides with a few random tools such as a hammer or an iron dowel. Further, you make a square shaped frame by attaching the individual pieces of lumber with the help of glue and screws, followed by inserting the shelves in place and screwing them to secure the structure.

The $20 Rustic Bathroom Cabinet

A large piece of plywood is secured to the back of the cabinet frame and thin pieces of lumber are added to the inside edges to make the cabinet a lot more sturdier and durable. Finesse comes into play when you sand down the whole cabinet and adorn it with your favorite wood stain that brightens up your space just right.

The final touches are brought by coating the dried stain with a layer of polyurethane, and the major part – adding the towel bar by working up a clever assembly of the galvanized pieces. Mount the cabinet on the bathroom wall and load the shelves with towel rolls, tissue rolls, and more. We simply adore that beautiful glass holder that’s used to store a bunch of Q-tips inside the cabinet.

For the icing on the cake, it’s going to be an incredible idea to decorate the shelves with tiny planters and vases, throwing in a dose of freshness into the picture!