20 Beautifully Rustic Entry Table Ideas Blending Storage with Decor At Their Best!

The entryway, with the kind of compact space it usually is, offers less opportunities to adorn it with loads of furniture or decorations. However, a nice and sleek entryway table can do all the magic if worked up with a dose of creativity. Decor, style and storage, all come alive at the same time with the below bunch of beautifully rustic entry table ideas.

11. Repurposed Console Table

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Add a few imagination to the built of a table , and you will get a whole new piece of furniture. As for this inspiration , all you need are some wooden planks and wheels. This table is handy and can be placed and moved anywhere as per your requirement. The integration of wheels makes it more functional. It gives a good amount of room for storage as it comes with two racks. The decor is kept minimal by just adorning the look of the table by adding a simple vase and a table fan, as in the image. Add a few personal touches by placing picture frames over the wall to keep the look of the table as limited as possible. The blue tone of the table is used to contrast with the top of the table which is a distressed brown tone.

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12. Entry Table Revealing Natural Wood Textures

Entry Table Revealing Natural Wood Textures

An old window frame decorated with a lush green wreath and a variety of lighting alternatives mark the prettiness of this rustic entryway table that reveals the lovely texture and natural lines running through the surface of the wood it’s made of. Speaking of the lighting decor, you have got a glorious lamp on the table, accompanied by a vintage-looking lantern with its paint chipping off at certain spots. Not to forget, there’s also a lovely candlestand with a glass fixture on top to install a candle inside.Underneath, the table comes with a bottom shelf to allow for ample of storage space. Some faux pumpkins add the final touch of style to the whole arrangement.

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13. Cottage Style Entry Table

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Nothing can beat the ever successful white when it comes to complimenting just about any entryway you can think of. The look of the table is enhanced by the use of varied planters and a flower box which has the word ‘Hello’ engraved on it. This is used as a welcome message to every visitor to the house. The table integrates the space for three drawers and a bottom shelf that can be used as the storage. The look is complimented by a wall mounted wooden plank with a wreath placed over it. Its appeal can be intensified by placing a couple of rustic picture frames. To have better look at the idea, visit the link given below.

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14. Ikea Modern Sideboard Makeover

Ikea Modern Sideboard Makeover

A perfect blend of both rustic and antique at the same time this entryway table features a rough stain job displays different hues of brown in one single piece of storage. The table is adorned by three huge vases each with a unique design of its own and complemented by an antique mirror which is left untouched with its normal wear and tear to keep it natural. The table comes with a lot of room as it has three drawers and two bottom shelves. The last shelf is stored by baskets and boxes that match the rustic appearance of the table. Also a few vintage looking glass jars are placed along with the baskets and boxes to complete the look. You can always add your customisations to the decor of the table according to your choice.

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15. Display Favorite Pieces Together

Display Favorite Pieces Together

Repurposed old windows combined with the rustic entryway table always helps to add a remarkable charm to the setting. The larger window panel is placed at the top and a much smaller panel propped against it. The windows act as the background for the milk jars of varied sizes that are used as vases to display plants and flowers in front of the window frames. To add a little amount of coziness, a wicker basket filled with pillows and cushions is placed to complete the rustic look. For the purpose of keeping essentials on the entryway table, a rack for letters is placed to keep all the important letters and postcards as they give an antique appearance to the idea. You can always play with the colours to get that perfect look to compliment your existing interior.

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16. Add Fresh Flowers in Rustic Containers

Add Fresh Flowers in Rustic Containers

The rustic entryway table decor utilises a marble top to ensure the sturdiness of the table. The metalwork containers are oxidized to adorn the flower arrangement and white flowers are placed that match the colour scheme of the entire setting complimenting it. A little collection of old books is also put in the middle of the top of the table that add to the desired rustic appearance. A couple of weathered curio boxes are kept on the side of the table which can be used to store the essentials like keys, pens, planners, etc. The distressed painted white legs add to the strong and antique theme. You can always use something else instead of the marble table top as the simple look of the table provides focus to whatever you decide to put on the table.

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17. Console Table made from Barn Board

Console Table made from Barn Board

In the all white or light toned theme, this idea for the entryway table is the best way to add a contrasting effect to the setting. The table is created with the help of just a few wooden planks that are stained with a natural wooden tone that enhances the natural texture of the table. The decor on the table is kept minimal to adorn the simple appearance of the table but a sign is used to display a welcome message for every visitor of the house. The frame of the sign is made of weathered wood. A couple of white vases are placed with different flowers and plants along with a simple picture frame. The space underneath the table can be used to store stuff like boxes and baskets that make the setting rugged.

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18. Subtle 3-Plank Rustic Entry Table

Subtle 3-Plank Rustic Entry Table

For a vintage lover, this inspiration is the right choice to opt for. Every piece integrated in the setting is a perfect example of classic. From the table to the mirror, each item in the arrangement intensify the rustic appearance of the look. The space underneath the table is used to keep shoes of the family, as it provides a dedicated area to the regular footwear. The bottom shelf of the table is used as storage for pen stands and a beautiful planter to keep it minimal. The top of the table is adorned by a lamp shade, a reel , an antique clock, a sleek vase and a sign to add the lettering element. The vintage mirror placed on the wall above the table is a complete cherry on the cake which enchants the entire piece.

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19. DIY Reclaimed Sofa Table

DIY Reclaimed Sofa Table

Three pine floor boards and four reclaimed balusters work as the building blocks for this piece of prettiness. The texture of the boards is created by the use of vinegar which highlights the original feel of the table so that it gives an aged white wash look. The decor on the table is kept a lot simple to make the natural look visible. The bottom of the table is the storing shelf but in the idea, it is used for decor to keep it as minimal as possible. The balusters are left with white paint stains which magnify the weathered look. The top shelf is just decorated with a few light coloured candles and an all white decorative showpiece which adds to the beauty of the arrangement. You can always add your creativity to the entire idea and alter the decor and colors.

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20. Painted Rustic Entry Table with Antique Legs

Painted Rustic Entry Table with Antique Legs

The narrow table legs really work perfect when you are looking to create a rustic entryway table idea you are waiting to bring to life. The vibrant yellow tone of the table brings an all new amount of beauty and life to entire room. To keep the look rustic, the decor pieces used are a little vintage in their look. A couple of classic candle stands is placed on the side of the table along with a small planter. The other side of the table is adorned with an empty bird house which adds to the classic look of the arrangement. The bottom of the table is used to place a basket which used as storage underneath the table. The essentials for the room can be kept in the basket so that it is handy to use them.

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The distressed paint textures of some of the above tables steals the show, while the ample of storage space offered by others makes them awesome to look at. Not to forget, each of these rustic entry table ideas is as effortless to work up as they are glorious in terms of appearance.