14 Glorious Rustic Mantel Decor Ideas You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love With!

Being quite a focal point of your living room, the mantel or the fireplace underneath play a major role in working up the overall decor of the space. Regardless of what’s the theme of the decor, a farmhouse-inspired mantel would only take the room to new heights of beauty. And that’s exactly what these rustic mantel decor ideas do.

Glorious Rustic Mantel Decor Ideas

1. Fireplace Mantel Makeover

Fireplace Mantel Makeover

This mostly brick-featuring mantel is a glorious arrangement with black going for the the most wonderful accents in the form of the fireplace that complements the otherwise rustic backdrop. Actually, it’s a makeover that gives an all new hue and texture to the simple brown bricks, turning them into light gray that comes forward as a distressed whitewashing. The key is to apply paint and water it, repeating the process for some intended imperfection. The more haphazard is the painting work, the more character will it add to the bricks on the mantel. The author coated the bricks row-by-row, wiping each off with a paper towel in a way that makes sure that the final color isn’t uniform. the fireplace panel is turned from a combination of dark brown and golden to a carbon black, while the decorative elements get oh so vivid. You will find so much for the decor here – lanterns, throw pillows, wooden signs, a huge message display board, a ceramic vase, pretty large candlesticks, two shutters placed on either sides of the display board, and a lovely 3 dimensional ‘HOME’ sign.

Idea Details : homewithlo

2. Cottage-Theme Rustic Mantel Decor

Down Grace Lane (@downgracelane) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Flood the mantel with some fresh farmhouse goodness! That super luscious leafy wreath forms the heart of this stunning mantel decoration, getting its dose of contrast with bright yellow lemons integrated in between the leaves. Right above the fireplace rests a lovely wooden sign that spells ‘Cottage’ to signify the cottage-like appeal this mantel has got. The pearl white color scheme for the mantel and the walls gets its extra rustic touches from a low-height wooden crate placed on top, some large rustic candlesticks that don’t just hold candles but also pretty planters that come in both metal and ceramics. A large jar shaped glass vase sits on a stack of two wooden boxes, while a rustic grapevine wreath is placed right behind the candlesticks. An extra addition is a rustic ladder that sports a weathered paint job in white, revealing the original surface of the ladder at certain spots. Of course, decorating the back of the mantel with some black and white family photographs would be a great idea, but an empty frame in the same hue would look even more amazing.

Idea Details : instagram

3. Rustic Fall Mantel

Rustic Fall Mantel

Combining earthy decorations of the fall season with some selective touches of white is the most special thing about this rustic mantel. However, the most dominant element is those different-sized bricks sporting so many hues of brown and grey with all their roughened up textures. A DIY Fall sign is placed on one side of the fireplace, having a wooden crate holding some white pumpkins and throw pillows placed on the other. A metal letter sign spelling ‘Gather’ is placed atop the mantel and a vintage-looking metal woven basket holds some wooden stuff along with some autumn elements like pinecones. Add a few yarn balls here and there, going for a yarn color that rightly matches the whole setting, not forgetting to decorate the mantel with some vases. So many different types of vases, including tiny glass ones, bright white ceramic ones and more are used to hold dry branches and pale florals. To add more texture, this inspiration by Taryn Whiteaker also goes for some distressed pillars and grapevine pumpkins adorning the mantel, along with cotton branches and wheat. Learn what all has been assembled here heading to the guide below.

Idea Details : tarynwhiteaker

4. Farmhouse Metal Windmill Decor Mantel

Chassity Lane | Thomas & Lane (@thomasandlane) által megosztott bejegyzés,

What a glorious spot for the guests to unwind some coziness! This one of a kind mantel here is actually a thick wooden board that’s mounted on the wall with those lovely black brackets and screws. To customize the mantel and work up the decor, what this Instagram inspiration uses is of course, some rustic candle stands in wood sporting intricate vintage carvings and designs. A few rectangular blocks of wood are simply placed atop the mantel, adding two differently shaped glass vases for a dash of delicate. You will love those things of fluffiness installed in the vases, further making every part of the decor go just well with the chief piece of decoration. The chief piece is a super large windmill installation that has got all its blades rusty and weathered so that the perfect farmhouse essence is brought to the scene. The more worn-out the fan is, the more authentic is your mantel going to look. If you don’t find everything similar to the inspiration, get as earthy with the individual elements as you can and assemble them together.

Idea Details : instagram

5. Milk Crates and Gathering Basket

Milk Crates and Gathering Basket

Totally taking up the edges from the scene, that large wooden gathering basket placed over the mantel provides the most appropriate background for a lush green leafy wreath to celebrate the essence of spring. Accompanying the wreath on both the sides are two lovely vases housing dry tree branches, while the vases themselves feature watering can-like shape. Coming to the elements placed around the fireplace, you have got a wooden crate with a rough texture house a few thick branches and a throw pillow with some printed text. Keeping the crate totally unstained or painted keeps things much closer to the idea of rustic, but the inclusion of two traditional milk crates that seem to have come from a thrift store where they were lying for hundreds of years takes it to all new heights. The smaller crate looks all rusty, while the larger one combines the rusty spots with it original pastel green base in the most amazing ways ever. Head to the below Pin to take a deeper insight into the wonderful mantel decor and make your very own versions of the same.

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6. Fixer Upper Inspired Wall Decor

Fixer Upper Inspired Wall Decor

Paint chipping and peeling off of a large piece of metal roofing takes a completely new purpose altogether and lands onto a rustic mantel decor. How the worn out paint results in a great combination of orange and blue is simply amazing to look at. The roofing is placed inside an old tongue and groove flooring to create a perfect framed piece. The pieces of wood for the frame are held together with the help of some “L” brackets screwed on the corners on the back side. A little sanding of the frame does the rest and brings in the much-needed uniformity so that the variations sported by the piece of roofing pop out at their best. Now comes the detailing part, where you can get as random as you would like – grab some antique-looking old wooden candle stands and place glorious candles on each, put a stack of old books atop the mantel, adding some vases and small jars at some spots so that you can display your choice of rustic plants or branches on the mantel. Head to the below guide by Home Talk to learn what all goes into the accomplishment of this rustic mantel decor.

Idea Details : hometalk

7. Our Vintage Industrial Fall Mantel

Our Vintage Industrial Fall Mantel

According to the author, a massive vintage-looking clock proves itself to be the most gorgeous vintage industrial centerpiece for whipping up a rustic mantel decor. It makes such a huge impact that once you have placed this wooden weathered clock as the centerpiece, you can go all subtle with the rest of the elements. Both sides of the mantel are adorned with carbon black lanterns with candles inside, while bright white candle stands in a moderate size also rest atop the mantel. A pretty bright green moss and a touch of faux grass is used to introduce some flora into the setting, enhancing the fall spirit even more with some DIY fabric pumpkins that accompany the candlesticks. Learn everything you need to do to build a similar vintage industrial fall mantel by heading to the below tutorial by The DIY Mommy. Simple, easy to pull off, quick to assemble, as well as budget-friendly, this project is perhaps, each of the aforesaid. And not to forget, putting this decor together doesn’t call for any tough steps of construction or even the slightest deal of mess.

Idea Details : thediymommy