14 Glorious Rustic Mantel Decor Ideas You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love With!

Being quite a focal point of your living room, the mantel or the fireplace underneath play a major role in working up the overall decor of the space. Regardless of what’s the theme of the decor, a farmhouse-inspired mantel would only take the room to new heights of beauty. And that’s exactly what these rustic mantel decor ideas do.

8. Wood Framed Signboard – Let’s Stay Home

Wood Framed Signboard – Let’s Stay Home

Who wouldn’t even want to leave home when a breathtakingly pretty sign sitting right atop the mantel speaks “Let’s Stay Home”. With that level of simplicity, the sign makes sure it leaves an impact on one and all who gets a glimpse of it. The white backdrop forms the best possible base for those lovely letters worked up in distressed black text, while that rustic stained wood frame conceals the message with true splendour. The fact that the sign is not just beautiful, but also super light in terms of weight makes it easy to carry and redecorate the place as and when you would like to. The word ‘stay’ goes for a unique font that looks similar to the writing of an ink pen which is further distressed and broken at certain spots to achieve a weathered appearance for the letters. We must mention that the simple-looking wood frame here is built from rough cut wood that sports natural knots and rough edges, plus, it’s stained with a hue that of course, will match the overall decoration of your space.

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9. Vintage Spring Mantel

Vintage Spring Mantel

Any thrift store or even the store room of your house would have a wire basket exactly like the one shown in the vintage spring rustic mantel decor. The old, rusty worn-out basket is used to keep some old books in place, so that you have a one-of-a-kind mantel decor element that sits on one side. To add to the feel, some of the books are wrapped with a long string of jute twine, finally making a bow at the front of the bundle of the books. That candlestick placed alongside the wire basket is covered with white paint but some sanding makes the paint chip off from certain spots and reveals the natural texture of wood underneath. For working up the vases, you can choose a few vintage items like an old metal watering can, or simply a thin glass bottle. A pretty lavender branch and some tiny florals will get the work done just like magic, while you allow a wooden standing frame to form the icing on the cake for this spring mantel. Although, the idea would gel up the very best with a mantel backdrop that sports rough bricks, you can always get the setting customized according to the walls and colors of your living room.

Idea Details : findingdiyhomedecorinspiration.blogspot

10. How to Get a Farmhouse Look in Your Living Room

How to Get a Farmhouse Look in Your Living Room

Establish a treat-to-the-eyes mantel decor starting from a rustic sign spelling ‘our nest’ or a message of your choice, while a gorgeous Demijohn is placed on one side of the mantel. The author suggests wrapping a stunning wooden bead garland around the neck of the jar, but you can also keep it plain and subtle. Throw in some cotton stems or a rich leafy bush inside the jar to bring in the springy touch to the bigger picture. Some old chippy spindles do the rest of the work, and the addition of old vintage books makes everything much more cherishing. Install pretty candlesticks with a chippy white paint job, around the elements, further advancing to tweaking the area around the fireplace. All you need to do is to place a wood crate or a rustic basket on one side of the fireplace, throwing in some blankets, quilts or pillows into the box. Right from offering you the link to a tutorial on how to achieve a chippy paint look to suggesting a variety of personalisation you can add to your version of the rustic farmhouse mantel decor, the below guide by Beauty For A She’s Home does it all.

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11. Spring-Worthy Rustic Mantel Decor

Spring-Worthy Rustic Mantel Decor

If you are all about getting it all done with a touch of luxury, this rustic mantel decor is a sure-shot something that your house needs. Apart from being close to the idea of rustic, this decor is also apt and appropriate for a spring-worthy setting – all thanks to that super lush leaf garland that lines the top edge of the mantel with true charm, making it even more pleasing to look at with a lovely hue of pastel green that it flaunts. The tiny white flowers throughout the garland add some extra richness to the decor, as if those vintage candlesticks accompanying the garland weren’t already amazing enough to do the task. Right in the middle of the backdrop of the mantel, you have got a large mirror that makes a complete statement. Advancing to the fireplace, it has got its own decorations that match the ones done on the mantel like nothing else can, but with a touch of much more rustic. One side has a large stack of books, while the other has got a wire basket loaded with wooden logs of random sizes.

Idea Details : materialicious

12. Combine Rustic and Green Together

Sam | The Lilac Door (@thelilacdoor) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Not failing to hit all the right notes every single time, wooden gathering baskets come into play yet again and spread their magic on this rustic mantel decor that definitely deserves a mention on Instagram, which Thelilacdecor rightly does. One side of the fireplace here features a wooden gathering baskets lying horizontally, having a bunch of super cute fall pumpkins in different hues sit next to the basket. Make sure you make the arrangement glow at its best with a lampshade placed right alongside the basket, keeping everything much more minimal when you get to the other side of the fireplace. It features a simple wicker basket holding a soft throw blanket to let you spend a cozy time around the fireplace. Tiny dark green moss balls are placed above three candlesticks placed on the mantel, and a glorious green wreath is adhered to a glass window panel right in the middle of the mantel. Complete the look with a ceramic vase, a wood sign and a large monogram!

Idea Details : instagram

13. Industrial yet Rustic Mantel Decor

Industrial yet Rustic Mantel Decor

The word ‘Gather’ written on the tiny wooden sign on this rustic mantel decor rightly signifies that extremely huge wooden gathering basket standing right behind it to work up as the focal point of the space. Complement the basket with a pastel-hued wreath, preferably, a one that’s made with eucalyptus leaves or something of your choice. That large basket is coupled up with two equally large cylindrical vases in a weathered metal, loaded with rustic dry branches. For brightening up the fireplace, place two large metal milk cans one one side, embracing their imperfect, distressed paint and texture brought by the effects of time. We simply love those two open books stacked in the front of the fireplace, further topped with a beautifully shaped small tree branch. A small galvanised bucket brings in a strong industrial touch to the whole look, topped by an earthy grapevine wreath adorned with some light greens. A large wooden crate holds a blanket, a pillow, and another grapevine wreath.

Idea Details : blessthisnestblog

14. Wicker Baskets for Rustic Mantel Decor

Wicker Baskets for Rustic Mantel Decor

It doesn’t need much explanation that wicker baskets are perhaps, the most rustic kind of storage containers. And that’s why this inspiration shared by Sun Lit Spaces found the baskets the perfect point of emphasis for pulling off a rustic mantel decoration. The old wooden mantel with all its natural imperfections and weathered textures works as an awesome accompaniment to the wicker basket that’s hung on the wall above the mantel with unbeatable splendour. And that swirly bright green wreath that’s placed on the basket makes it all absolutely extraordinary. A unique take on the idea of table-top globes is displayed here, wherein the whole structure of the globe is worked up with a wired spherical mesh and a white stand. Resting next to the globe is a bunch of books covered in brown paper to match the hue of the mantel, contrasted by a glorious white ceramic mug placed atop the books. A vintage table clock, a large white ceramic plate standing on one side of the mantel, and a decorative plate with a 3D rabbit are some other specials.

Idea Details : sunlitspaces

Versatile to suit the occasions round the year as well as gorgeous enough to make one and all go gaga, these rustic mantel decor ideas are surprisingly easy to work up. Plus, they are hassle free and ditch all unwanted drama with their simplicity.