20 Awe-Inspiring Rustic Porch Decor Ideas for an Instant Farmhouse Vibe!

The front porch is perhaps, the most prominent part of the outdoor decor of your home. And the fact that the decoration of your porch must be apt and appropriate for different weathers calls for keeping it a bit rustic and earthy, making sure it looks stunning and welcoming at the same time. These 20 fabulously rustic porch decor ideas will add a farmhouse charm to your home in a jiffy.

rustic porch decor ideas

1. Cabinet Door Frame Upcycle

Cabinet Door Frame Upcycle

Turn a old cabinet door into an extraordinary wall art for your front porch that will display your initials in an unbeatable style. Also, it’s going to add an instant farmhouse essence to the space, making the most of repurposing. A cabinet door frame is fitted with a sheet of unfinished wainscoting, painting the results with a lovely coat of black spray paint, further applying a layer of white chalk paint atop the black base to get a weathered touch to the piece. Some sandpaper and distressing, as well as a few rusty hardware elements make it look rightly old, letting you adhere the letter in place. Learn the detailed steps you need to follow to build the door frame right from the scratch as explained by Organized Clutter.

Idea Details : organizedclutter

2. Milk Can Porch Decor

Milk Can Porch Decor

Old milk cans often come into play to bring an antique touch to home decorations – and this inspiration puts them to use yet again, with a special element of rustic. Not only is this milk can working as a wonderful piece of decor for the porch, but also serves as a compact table that you can use to display tiny table-top planters. An old milk can is painted deep matte black, but those spots where it flaunts its naturally rusty surface as well as other places that have got the paint chipping off make it look absolutely vintage. Simply place a square-shaped piece of wood atop the milk can – adding a splash of paint on the board or keeping it all natural totally depends on your own whims and choices, lastly, placing a beautiful plant with huge florals atop the board. Wrap a long piece of twine around the can, tying up a bow in the middle.

Idea Details : sidewalkready

3. Welcome to the Porch

Welcome to the Porch

Now let your front porch itself welcome everyone who visits you with true prettiness – all with a welcome sign that’s hung on one of the walls of the porch. And the DIY welcome sign is lovely enough to give any store-bought welcome board a run for its money, stealing the show with its intended imperfections and that effortless shape. What hangs right below the welcome sign having ‘welcome to the porch’ written in white chalk is a glorious window frame with its glass panes intact. However, the factor of worn out and distressed comes from the weathered paint job that’s worked up on the frame with the help of some sandpaper. A flower box is attached to the bottom of the window frame, letting you display fresh bright greens and add freshness to the decor. Complete the look with a rustic grapevine wreath adorned with a ribbon bow.

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4. Farmhouse Porch Makeover

Farmhouse Porch Makeover

Here’s an incredible guide by Little Farmstead that will let you give a complete makeover to your front porch, making it look exactly like a miniature farmhouse. You have got beautiful planters worked up with metal buckets, rusted chicken waterers, and different types of galvanized containers to work up the greenery. The other major components that create the whole scene include a ladder with lavender and hanging mason jar lights, an oversized lantern with candles and an antique olive bucket, pretty cafe lights and some steria, adirondack chairs, and so much more. Those hanging mason jars are something you will fall totally in love with. Check out the guide to learn the details and what you need to do to work up each of the above and what all material goes into their assembly.

Idea Details : littlefarmstead.blogspot

5. Country Charm Welcome Decor

Country Charm Welcome Decor

If you want to pull off a farmhouse inspired decor for your porch, but don’t what to overdo the elements, here’s exactly what you need. This Facebook share has got a charming country welcome decor for a front porch going with a just a handful of items yet making a huge impact. The focal points here are a small rustic wooden table with vintage-shaped legs and a large wooden barrel placed on one side of the table. All kinds of paints or stains are ditched when it comes to the wooden components in the setting, decorating the barrel as well as the table further with metallic watering cans. You have got a whole bundle of watering cans in different sizes, brightened up with fresh green branches placed amidst the cans. The distressed paint window frame on top looks amazing with a large star, two mini hut -shaped decor pieces and tiny vases.

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6. Spring into Summer Front Porch

Spring into Summer Front Porch

It’s been made quite clear by the title itself that this front porch decor celebrates spring at its best. And that of course, implies that you are going to add lots and lots of greenery to the whole picture, alongwith a dose of creativity. The display sports huge metal barrels all around that are loaded with bright plants and flowers that totally depend on your choices. This inspiration by Cottage in The Oaks installs limelight hydrangea in the larger ones, while the small barrels are adorned with gardenia bushes. How can one forget bright wreaths when working up a front door decor – so you have got a lush wreath in a combination of white and green placed on the bottom half of the door. Those small olive buckets are loaded with pretty geraniums.

Idea Details : cottageintheoaks

7. White and Brown Rustic Porch Decor

White and Brown Rustic Porch Decor

The idea is to keep everything limited to all-whites, going for hues of brown for the accents. The furniture here also combines the two colors in the most glorious manner ever, wherein a minimal frame chair is placed to allow for a comfy seating, having wooden crates work as the end tables. Combining an end table and a lovely storage solution in one single piece of display, you stack two wooden crates on top of each other, placing galvanized planters and containers inside the crates, while the top serves as the table to place your beverage mugs and books when you relax on the front porch. A throw pillow with a text print decorates the chair, having a rustic-looking wicker pot work as a table-top planter. For the porch wall, you have got a large wooden sign that showcases some lovely words or welcome messages.

Idea Details : seekinglavenderlane

8. Mini Bench Rustic Porch Decor

Mini Bench Rustic Porch Decor

Everyone who gets a glance at this one-of-a-kind bench placed on this rustic front porch is going to find it hard to adore it to the core. Looking like a great baby bed and a bench at the same time, the piece comes with a size just perfect to be placed below a porch window, coupling it up with some comfy cozy linen pillows that complement it’s rusty look oh so beautifully. Two pretty pillows, spelling “Dream” and “Joy” are something to look out for, and the basket hanging on the window is the cherry on the cake for the rustic decor. It’s actually a Christmas basket adorned with some pretty faux picks accompanied by a delicate bead-like garland placed on the window pane. Check out the below guide for further details.

Idea Details : elizabethhousestlouis.blogspot

9. Chippy Furniture

Chippy Furniture

An old dresser showcases it’s strong potential to brighten up your front porch with a touch of vintage. What it takes the cake with is its chippy paint and the weathered surface it flaunts, bringing a comfortably soothing farmhouse vibe to the porch. The dresser is coated with a creamy white hue, going for a clever sandpaper work to get the desired look. You can use the chippy dresser as a plain piece of decoration that catches all eyes when placed on the porch, use the drawers to store your garden tools and keep them organized, use it as a stand for some table-top plants, or even let it double up as a porch table – no matter what you choose to do with the piece, you are going to hit the right notes every single time. To learn more about the porch makeover, head to the below inspiration shared by Little Farmstead.

Idea Details : littlefarmstead.blogspot

10. Rustic Porch Mud Area

w h i t e t a i l farmhouse (@whitetailfarmhouse) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Functionality and decor join hand in hand with each other to end up in this amazing Instagram inspiration shared by Whitetailfarmhouse. It features a tiny mud area at the back door with a few lovely French finds. A wooden strip is fixed on the porch wall to hang your bags and scarves in style, having a beautiful bench placed underneath which in itself is worked out of vintage French cheese boards. Above the coat hanger strip, you have got a wood sign that’s no less than a blessing for the porch. Speaking of the floor, its reclaimed Old Chicago from a super old brick yard, and you have got the whole surface worked up by layering each of the bricks one by one. The final touches are offered by that pretty old-looking door.

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