20 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas For Those Who Believe in “Less is More”

Keeping the color scheme limited to a few basic and neutral ones, while allowing more light to enter the space. Bringing out the best of every element and decor item of the room, scandinavian interiors are all about the idea of Less is More. And here are 20 incredible scandinavian bedroom ideas to steal the show with your room.

Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

 1. Get Playing with Textures

Get Playing with Textures

A huge variety of colors is not the only thing that can introduce the right amount of visual contrast to your bedroom – getting vivid with the textures can be beyond awesome when it comes to getting a scandinavian appeal. This bedroom goes for a whole bundle of textures for the upholstery, furniture and decorative items around the space. That lovely bed with a bunch of pillows each of which is adorned with a cover flaunting a unique pattern has got them all sport a scheme of gray-white-blue. A hanging glass bulb, a wooden accent table in front of the bed, the vibrant-hued bedsheets on a base of white bed upholstery, a wooden side table with ceramic pots and vases, a black ladder on one of the walls, and a fluffy furry blanket on the bed are some of the major elements.

Idea Details : in.pinterest

2. Dual-Toned Scandinavian Bedroom

Dual-Toned Scandinavian Bedroom

Absolutely chic is what we must call this scandinavian bedroom decoration – all the credit goes to the dual-toned color scheme of the space where you allow white and a subtle hue of brown to get the magic going. Even that group of 5 painting with a different frame size for each says a lot with minimum lines or words. Right below the paintings on the wall, there stands a beautiful bed side table that look like a basic cube with 4 dowel like long legs that keep it in place. To make your bedtime book reading experience even better, a huge light bulb hangs from the ceiling, falling quite close to the side table. The sheets and the pillows have got fabric covers designed with patterns like chevrons, and self-textures in the same dual-hue scheme.

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3. Peach and Gray Come into Play

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Is there anyone who wouldn’t fall in love with the coziness that this bedroom decoration comes with? That hand-knit blanket with huge yarn strips woven around each other is truly adorable and of course, fluffy – going just right with the cream colored sheets laid on the bed. Right from a soft peachy velvet to dark gray and stripes, the cushions placed on the bed have got it all when it comes to going for scandinavian. Keep everything low-key with a round top end table that has yet again got dowel-shaped legs and sports a super compact size. This inspiration has got two icings on one single cake – a winsome painting above the table, along with a metallic cylindrical vase that sits on the table only to add a fresh leafy vibe to your room.

Idea Details : instagram

4. Fabrics and Wood Are All Scandinavian

Fabrics and Wood Are All Scandinavian

Nothing can be any cosier than curling up under an enormously fluffy furry blanket that not only takes the cake with its soft warm touch, but also with the milky white color that is dons. Apart from fur, this scandinavian bedroom scene has got lots of yarn, cotton, and velvet also cast their magical spell for some extra comfort and variety in terms of the textures. That weathered bench in front of the bed would bring a piece of forest right inside your room because of those cracks and natural wood texture it has got that make it look like it has jumped out of a huge tree trunk. To keep the furniture as minimal as possible, this inspiration has got a tiny round-top table alongside the bed, and some beautiful glass jars holding lovely candles atop both the tables.

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5. Pink Accents Make Hygge-Inspired Furs Summer-Friendly

Pink Accents Make Hygge-Inspired Furs Summer-Friendly

It’s already been made super evident that everything special about this inspiration shared by Web Code Schools is going to come in a beautiful hue of pink. As the idea is to keep things light and scandinavian, we go for a baby pink and peachy hue for the accents around the space, while going for lots of white and pastel light blue for the other major elements. That huge pink pillow, a pink table vase, and a furry throw blanket in baby pink surely deserve a mention here, rightly coupled up with another soft quilt in lovely blue. A large round mirror on the wall above the bed, a small side table in light brown with drawers, and some bright white pillows get the rest of the work done. Finish the scene with delicate white curtains and voila!

Idea Details : webcodeshools

6. Neutral Shades are King

Neutral Shades are King

Neutral shades have got an incredible capability of bringing the best out of every color and item placed in the room. You are surely going to agree the statement when you get your hands on this lovely idea shared by Gravity Home. The subtle gray walls of the room compliment the white window frame, the white bed upholstery and sheets, as well as the white door of the room oh so beautifully. The wooden flooring and the gray blanket go for making the space much cosier, while a hanging ceiling lamp above the bed makes for the much-needed glow in the evening and night. A few other key parts are a small bedside table in black metal adorned with a cylindrical glass vase, a rug with an intricate pattern, and a wooden strip on one wall to hang clothes, bags and more.

Idea Details : gravityhome.tumblr

7. Contrast, Lights and Textures

Contrast, Lights and Textures

Even if you are planning to decorate a small room, you can build a whole new cozy place for yourself out of the given space with utmost effortlessness. Nothing’s going to miss when it comes to stealing the show if you fill the room with scandinavian lighting, a variety of textures and go for monochromes. That rich-looking rug on the floor would surely catch everyone’s eye, contrasting the soft fabric of the solid colored pillows in either grey or white. Despite of being compact, the white side table here features loads of drawers to provide ample of room for stuff that you want to keep handy. Installing a few abstract paintings on the wall behind the bed and a glass vase atop the table will add the final touches.

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8. Install elements that capture Light

Install elements that capture Light

The major dose of negative space in this inspiration shared by One Kindesign comes from the walls of the bedroom that are coated with a subtle tint on neutrals. Two abstract painting in the classic color combination of black and white would be enough to get that pop you are looking for, while the oh so beautiful pieces of decoration, including that glossy large vase on the table ahead of the bed, the ceramic decor mugs, and more placed around the room capture light in the most amazing ways. Ditching paints and stains for its surface, the bench looks smashing when placed above that super thick and soft rug, having pattern printed cushions complement the solid upholstery. Extra earthy here is a wicker basket with a unique shape and rope-like handles to carry stuff around the room.

Idea Details : onekindesign

9. Symmetrical Decorations

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Who wouldn’t want snuggle immediately when they step inside this place of complete peace? And the credit for the same goes to the very few pieces of furniture and decor placed throughout the room, wherein the floor and the walls come in a wonderful contrast of hues and textures. While most things here, including the two bedside tables, the table-top lamps on each of them, and the two coordinating graphic art frames above the bed go in pairs, certain elements like that patterned mat, a storage table alongside the window a few large planters with a rustic essence placed at random spots are impactful enough to break the symmetry yet go with each of the elements just right. The bed also sticks to whites and greys, accept for the two accent pillows that sport a lovely peach.

Idea Details : instagram

10. How to Achieve a Minimal Scandinavian Bedroom

How to Achieve a Minimal Scandinavian Bedroom

If dramatic is not your cup of tea, this minimal arrangement is going to delight you to the core. Not only most of the space around the room has been left unoccupied, but also the been brightened up with lots and lots of white for just about everything you can spot in the room. Light seeps in beautifully through the two windows on one wall, while a storage table is placed against the other, only to be adorned with a huge disc-like mirror with a super sleek frame placed on the wall above. A hanging bulb on the bedside, a checker printed rug on the floor and the all-white additions made to the bed are no less than an enchanting sight to watch. The only dash of color is brought by bright green plants that are placed on some strategic locations.

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