14 Brilliant Small Outdoor Space Design Ideas that Will Totally Awe-Inspire You!

The outdoor decor of the house doesn’t stand a single step behind when it comes to how it can define the awesomeness of your space. Specially, if you want to spend some cherishing moments and comfortable evenings outside, a good outdoor decor is a must-do. These brilliant small outdoor space design ideas are going to charm up your house without a doubt.

Brilliant Small Outdoor Space Design Ideas

1. Pallet Furniture Small Outdoor Space

Pallet Furniture Small Outdoor Space

Almost effortlessly, turn that corner of your yard into a cozy cocktail area. That whole furniture affair including the 3 seater and two individual chairs worked up with fine pallets is all one needs to celebrate the evenings with friends, while those strings of glowing lights hanging right above the setting makes the moments shine. White seat mattresses and rustic fabric cushions thrown on the furniture go for added comfort, and a delicate lacy table runner decorates the coffee table just perfect!

Idea Details : homecoach-usa

2. Gorgeous Small Outdoor Landscaping

Gorgeous Small Outdoor Landscaping

If all glam and glitz is what you are looking for, then this gorgeous small outdoor space design with its bundle of lights is your destination. The color scheme sticks to a rustic brown to bring out the best of the string lights installed overhead as well as right behind the seating area. Lots of planters placed around the furniture sport bright green plants that too, are adorned with lights. That ottoman-like coffee table and the simple wood frames used for the chairs and the couch complement each other, while four huge vintage lanterns placed on the floor are sheer awesomeness.

Idea Details : roomaniac

3. Built-in Corner Seats and DIY Firepit

 Built-in Corner Seats and DIY Firepit

A corrugated iron fence with a unique shape here allows the author to build a corner seat, getting the extra coziness from the high fence. A DIY concrete path is coupled up with loads of river stones, while an old washing machine is transformed into a fire pit. The seat features a base of marine ply and fence paling with a liftable lid for storage, adorned with a nice Resene cedar oil stain. We love the deep blues and oranges used for the decor, having the blue coated fence rightly gel up with the oatmeal linen squab covers and simple pocket cushion covers in similar hues.

Idea Details : homestyle

4. Weathered Textures Steal the Show

Weathered Textures Steal the Show

Allow the idea of earthiness to take over the outdoors of your house inspired by this wonderful decor that flaunts the original textures and colors of almost each of its components. The star part here is that coffee table which is a large concrete-like block that comes with a glossy finish but rough sanded edges. It teams up with totally unstained wooden seating placed on its three sides. Some seat pads in black and white stripes, along with large brown chair cushions complete the upholstery.

Idea Details : gardeningprof

5. An Outdoor Revamp

This outdoor deck is all about layering and creating cohesion, whether it’s the textures or the colors. You find a great use of colors like black, white, metals, greens, and wood tones, while the elements go for numerous different textures. You have got a metal table, beautiful white pottery platter, concrete candle holders and more.Even the heights of the different elements sport variety – plants with varied heights, including a mix of herbs, florals, palms and grasses are arranged around the space with charm.

Idea Details : thefreshexchange

6. Bright Decor Small Outdoor Space Design

Bright Decor Small Outdoor Space Design

All those who are head over heels in love with bright hues would be delighted to check this stunning small outdoor space design idea. Lovely red-painted chairs with a minimal wooden frame form the focal point of the arrangement, having a contrasting-colored coffee table placed in the middle of the two chairs. River stones go for the base of the decor, and creepers worked up throughout the wooden fence on the background bring out the element of bright greens just perfect. Add in some lights, and voila!

Idea Details : pin.it

7. DIY Built-In Seating Patio

DIY Built-In Seating Patio

It’s incredible how the Sarah Sherman Samuel turns a corner of the yard that was quite like a dumping ground into a brand-new patio featuring built-in benches. The benches end up in a natural lounge area, finished up with a coffee table and some floor cushions placed around. To make your morning coffee moments even better, there’s also a small cocktail or dining area in one corner. If the floor outdoors is a bit rough, make everything safe for the kids by adding large outdoor rug to cover it up.

Idea Details : sarahshermansamuel