Make the Most of a Limited Space with these 19 Fabulous Small Patio and Balcony Ideas!

With those sofas and lavish outdoor pieces of furniture available in stores, the possibilities of decorating a small balcony or patio area seem to be diminishing. But, getting a little artistic with different seating options, decor elements, plants and lights is all you need to make the most of a limited space. And that’s exactly what these fabulous small patio and balcony ideas do.

Make the Most of a Limited Space with these 19 Fabulous Small Patio and Balcony Ideas

1. Black and White Balcony Decor

Black and White Balcony Decor

A picturesque color combination that can make small spaces look much more spacious is the classic Black and White. That’s exactly what’s showcased by this balcony decor that goes for the mentioned color duo for everything, ranging from the carpet installed underneath the coffee table, as well as the large pillows and cushions that are thrown over the seating. The beautiful, small-top round coffee table matches the surrounding with its ivory white hue, stealing the show with its cylindrical base. Different types of planters accompany the sofa sectional, wherein some are concrete ones and the others are ceramics. Adding a few candles here and there is always a great idea to make the evenings glow with brightness. To gain a deeper insight into how the balcony is decorated, head to the below Pin right away!

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2. How to Build a Murphy Bar

How to Build a Murphy Bar

A murphy bar as cool as this one can be a super cool addition to your balcony, letting you chill outdoors for hours over a couple of drinks with the friends and family. The cedar wood finish of the bar goes amazingly well with the industrial-looking seats placed besides the table-top of the bar. Once you mount the bar on an external wall, we bet you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off its coolness. Check out the below inspiration shared by Hunker to learn what all you need to do to forge the bar all by yourself, that too with utmost effortlessness, a simple wood cut list, a few construction tools and a basic woodworking. Decorate with a few tiny planters and your DIY Bar is all set to invite the guests for a barbecue or cocktails.

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3. Garden Harvest Supper Club

Garden Harvest Supper Club

How about building a one-of-a-kind mini garden right on your front porch or the balcony utilising the vertical wall space like never before. A fine pallet wood construction provides for the whole framework of your wall-mounted garden, letting you brighten it up with your choice of wood stain or simply cherishing the rough natural textures. Not to forget, this DIY garden not only sports plants, but also comes with some magnificent candles that are also attached to the pallet frame alongside the planters. Different sized mason jars work wonders for installing the herbs or the plants, while also letting you house lovely candles inside the others. Connect the jars to the pallet frame with the help of metal ring clamps and you would adore how the budding branches seem to flow down from the jars.

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4. Patio Update on a Tiny Budget

Patio Update on a Tiny Budget

No need to spend thousands of dollars to dress up your patio with some style – for now you can get it all done in a surprisingly tiny budget. You wouldn’t believe that the chair duo resting on this stunning patio is actually super cheap plastic chairs that have got a chic makeover with the help of some Rustoleum oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. Oh yes, the glorious lighting installed on the porch is nothing but a set of ping pong balls that are cut through, further inserting string lights into each of them. Lastly, it’s time to throw in some pillows, and some black and white stripes would be the most appropriate pattern to go with the chairs. For accessory, you have got a pegboard luminary, a bright green wreath and more.

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5. Mini Cafe Balcony or Patio

Mini Cafe Balcony or Patio

Your balcony is going to look no less than a mini cafe when spruced up with this decor inspiration shared by The Kitchen. To make the most of the tiny space, a rustic long rug is thrown right in front of the chair and table combo, charming the setting up with the light brown wood used to on the furniture. Throw a few pillows on each of the chair, while decorating the round coffee table in the middle with elements like candles or small table-top planters. For some extra coziness, there’s no harm in throwing a sleek quilt or blanket over the chairs, further completing the look of the space with a few wall-mounted signs that display some inspirational quotes, messages or family pictures. Learn more by heading to the below link.

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6. Small Rustic Summer Patio

Small Rustic Summer Patio

The small patio of this super cozy home wouldn’t miss to delight you with the subtle decorations it’s finished with, while also making sure there’s a dedicated seating area to enjoy a nice evening beverage at the same time. That low-height coffee table is charmed up with a large gourd, white spray-painted pinecones, and a cute black table-top planter. A few other types of planters to mention on the scene are large buckets turned into pots, a galvanised bucket housing loads of loads of rustic pine cones and more! The minimalist sitting bench is painted in creamy white, while a black and white striped quilt is thrown on the same in order to match the patterned carpet in the same combination. For the icing on the cake, add a few lanterns with a vintage appeal, add wicker chairs with comfy upholstery and cushions for enhanced comfort.

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7. How To Decorate a Small Patio You’ll Love

How To Decorate a Small Patio You’ll Love

The before and after images of this small patio shared by Inspiration For Moms come with a change drastic enough to surprise everyone out there. But the process that goes into bringing that transformation is a complete child’s play. A small cozy bench is placed against the patio’s brick wall, letting you face the street for a nice view, while a perfectly matching coffee table and a side chair take the charm of the space to all new heights. Squeeze a lovely rug into the floor space, adding a lot more light to the same with the help of some floor lanterns or even a few hanging ones. The blue and white pattern of this rug not only adds a pop of color, but also makes that basket-style planter with huge colorful blooms look absolutely splendid. To check out what all has been placed to decorate the patio, head to the below guide.

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8. DIY Modular Sectional – Corner Piece Plans

DIY Modular Sectional – Corner Piece Plans

Sectional sofas have got something in-built about them that adds a major style statement to the area they are placed on. And the fact that they come with a pleasing L-shape also allows you to make use of a corner, creating ample of seating even in a small room or space. Loads of wooden slats in some specific dimensions mentioned in the incredible below tutorial shared by Shanty-2-Chic form the building blocks for the sectional that can also be rearranged as and when required to modify the overall look of the seating. The comfortable cushions from Target line the whole sectional with true charm. Plus, you can make sure the fabric stays weather-resistant and fresh for long with the help of spraying a Rustoleum NeverWet water repellent spray atop the cloth.

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