Make the Most of a Limited Space with these 19 Fabulous Small Patio and Balcony Ideas!

With those sofas and lavish outdoor pieces of furniture available in stores, the possibilities of decorating a small balcony or patio area seem to be diminishing. But, getting a little artistic with different seating options, decor elements, plants and lights is all you need to make the most of a limited space. And that’s exactly what these fabulous small patio and balcony ideas do.

9. Small Balcony Furniture and Greenery

Small Balcony Furniture and Greenery

Without even making it look over-loaded, add the much-needed furniture to a small balcony or patio, that too in the most appealing fashion ever! A simple, rustic-looking set of a coffee table and two chairs is all it takes to get that done, while a rug that matches the essence of the space as well as the furniture adds so much more warmth to the whole appearance. Don’t forget to bring in decoration in the form of bright, fresh green plants that look amazing when potted in a variety of pots and planters. And for the table, you are going to find terra cotta pots as the most wonderful ways to add greenery. Cherishing a romantic dinner amidst the greenery becomes even more memorable when you have got bright table-top candles throwing their glow.

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10. Mosaic, Patterns and Stripes

Mosaic, Patterns and Stripes

Make even the simplest of balconies and patios extremely eye-catching with a vivid and clever use of lots of patterns, mosaics, colors and of course, natural elements. And this idea by Monica Wants It accomplishes that by rightly clubbing the different parts of this patio together. The round-shaped mini dining table here sports a sporty mosaic in a scheme of black and white, just like the throw pillows kept on the chair that accompanies the sofa on the side. While the seat pillows are kept all white with black going for the edges, the colorful cushions make it all look vibrantly boho. The icing on the cake here are a super large vase that goes for no blooms – only a luscious bunch of green leaves, while a small planter on the side is loaded with colorful flowers.

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11. Minimal Frame Furniture

Minimal Frame Furniture

Always prefer choosing minimum-frame furniture for small balconies and patios that uses the walls and the corners with great creativity. The simple frame of this sectional seating does just that, and the royal blue cushions thrown for a comfy experience bring a contrast to the creamy, light hue of the balcony. And the color-loving ones would surely like the white pillows that are adorned with bright patterns like chevrons and stripes in bright colors. The carpet here is also a lovely chevron one with deep blue going oh so well with the white backdrop. The square coffee table with its X-shaped legs is all the sectional needs and the tiny table-top planter there is the right finishing touch to the setting. Fill the empty corners with more planters that combine greens and flowers in a good balance.

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12. Celebrate Spring with Style

Celebrate Spring with Style

Allow your patio to celebrate the spring season with a dash of style that keeps everything limited to a soothing white and lots of green leaves. What hangs to the grill of this balcony is a beautiful wire mesh flower box that holds three small white-painted planters in the most glamorous ways ever. The coffee table here sports a checkered pattern that’s worked up on the top by cutting out smaller individual squares throughout. The bottom of the table is accompanies with two large planters that look quite like baskets and come with white and black for the surface respectively. Some of the other major parts of the balcony include a striped pattern carpet in black and white yet again, a wooden chair and a printed cushion.

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13. Let Colors Jazz Up The Space

Let Colors Jazz Up The Space

Who wouldn’t want these jute like pastel blue mesh chairs and that cylindrical coffee table at the very first glimpse? Here’s something that goes for loads of whimsical decorations in loads of colors, jazzing up the otherwise neutral appearance of this tiny yet beautiful balcony. You will love how two black empty picture frames are installed on the fence of the patio, while string lights add the much-needed brightness during the evenings. A rustic skateboard stands in one corner of the patio, having a dedicated side table for placing a bunch of planters. In fact, each of the planters here sports a different color, stealing the show with red, blue, brown, white and of course, the natural greens. Not only are those chairs light and portable, but are easy to clean – being just right for the outdoors!

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14. A Terracotta Pot Table

A Terracotta Pot Table

Somehow a terracotta pot seems to get an all new purpose in just a matter of few tweaks and a few minutes of creativity, ending up in making this porch look absolutely extraordinary. Instead of using it to simply pot some plants, why not turn the pot into a unique outdoor coffee table that can easily withstand the changing weather conditions and still manage to look new. That beautiful splash of blue paint on the top edge of the pot and the saucer placed on the same in order to work up the table-top are nothing but simply awesome. It would look amazing when placed on the balcony, accompanied by low-height chairs and a beautiful rug underneath. Go for just about any color scheme or pattern for the rug, keeping in mind that it suits the decor of the space, and voila!

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15. Easy Patio Makeover

Easy Patio Makeover

Transform a simple porch from rustic to totally chic with an innovative makeover that’s well-explained in the below guide by Honey Bear Lane using just a handful of supplies and no more than an hour of your time. One of the coolest small patio and balcony ideas, this one transforms a couple of unfinished Adirondack chairs and a metal table into a brand looking set of furniture with some color put to great use. The chairs were spray painted in ivory white, throwing in pillows on each in a lovely print of blue and white to coordinate the hue of the chair aptly. A metal watering can is placed on the coffee table and is adorned with a rich splash of orange paint, finally employing it as a table-top planter for large blooms. The table itself is painted blue and things are finished with an orange-white rug.

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16. Bohemian Small Patio Decor

Bohemian Small Patio Decor

If the carefree and casual touch of Bohemian decor that blends miraculously well with a dose of farmhouse-like essence is what makes your eyes sparkle, this small patio decor is all you need to adapt into your home. It’s amazing how such a small space is spruced up with not only ample of seating, but also equally luxurious amounts of plants, light and of course, style! You have got a low-height wooden bench that uses one of the walls for its back, a lovely jute-like small sofa placed against another wall that has got lots of planters working for its decor. The special part here is that hanging wicker chair that’s adorned with a throw blanket and a pillow in a beautiful white. Get whimsical with the pillows you place on the bench and add as much color as you can!

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17. Pleasant Patio with a Wooden Slat Planter Wall

Pleasant Patio with a Wooden Slat Planter Wall

What a pleasant and quaint patio that makes brown as its ultimate hero! Right from the pieces of furniture to that one accent wall that’s used to make a mini vertical garden – brown doesn’t fail to make a long-lasting impression here. Hanging lights make everything look on-point and trendy, while the metal planters attached to the wood slat planter wall add an industrial appeal to the same. Rustic also doesn’t stay behind as you have got a lovely wooden 2-seater accompanied by a single seater on the opposite side, having a small round-top black-hued table rest in the middle of the two. The embellishments include a super large faux apple in deep red that’s placed on the table, and a lovely tabletop vase.

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18. Focus on Coziness and Comfort

Focus on Coziness and Comfort

The main point of emphasis for the balcony is to let the family cherish hours and hours of comfort outdoors during those warm summer evenings. To make that happen, it has been loaded with lots of cushions and pillows, most of which are centred around the color scheme of white with a few light brown and grey accents. The checker patterned seaters and chairs and not only lined with pillows, but also luxurious, super cozy blankets that are thrown atop the seating mattresses in creamy white. Speaking of the mini coffee table – it is clubbed with two large candlesticks placed on the floor, charming the space with the golden glow and the deep black of the candlestick paint. A wooden crate holds a large planter and a ladder is used to hang the quilts.

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19. Ditch Benches or Sofas – Go for Mattresses

Ditch Benches or Sofas - Go for Mattresses

If you think your balcony is smaller even than the most tiniest of patios, you still can arrange for a lovely seating in your space. Ditch the regular idea of adding a bench, a sofa or a sectional – instead get straight to mattresses. Simply throw a cozy mattress on the floor, going for dimensions that fit a corner of your balcony, further adding a few cushions atop the mattress. For the decoration of the space, you can always place votives and small candles on the floor and other platforms you find on your balcony, while hanging a few designer lanterns or mini chandeliers to the ceiling. This inspiration by Decor Apartment installs a wire-frame lantern on the ceiling and places gorgeous ceramic planters on selective spots. Mason jar candles would make everything look a lot more prettier, keeping it budget-friendly yet splendorous.

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It seems that just a bunch of pillows, some rugs, along with some unconventional planters and vertical gardens can personalize even the most congested balconies with great beauty. These small patio and balcony ideas are all you need to make room for ample of seating and decoration in your space.