18 Splendid Summer Wreath Ideas That Go Just Right with the Season!

Summer wreaths are an age-old way of welcoming the season that’s all about cherishing the nature. The light and happy spirit of summer calls for integrating fruits, blossoms and bright greens into your summer wreaths. Right from taking inspiration from summer drinks to being loaded with luscious flowers and bright colors, these 20 summer wreath ideas are sureshot genius.

Splendid Summer Wreath Ideas

1. DIY Lemon Wreath

DIY Lemon Wreath

Summer is all about lemon drinks and sodas so this DIY lemon wreath perfectly adores the summer vibe. Making this wreath is as easy as it is pretty to look at, all you need is a grapevine wreath, plastic lemons and a bow for additional decor. The bright yellow and green tones of this wreath will be a refreshing fresh breath for all your visitors.

Details : chroniclinghome

2. Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Switch from the regular wreaths and make this exclusive piece of decor that will add an element of funk to your front door. Swags being the latest trend along with the hydrangea florals makes up for the perfect inviting first impression for all your family and friends. For added decor, the burlap ribbon tied on the top magnifies the beauty of this wreath.

Details : etsy

3.Wagon Wheel Farmhouse Style Wreath

Start with your repurposing skills and put together a gorgeous vintage looking wagon wheel wreath. All you have to do is grab a wagon wheel, some bunches of eucalyptus bushes and some bright flowers. Cover one side of the wheel with the bushes and attach the flowers, for added beauty a metal watering can has been placed on the wheel wreath that makes it classic and stunning.

Details : lydioutloud

4. Watermelon Wreath

Watermelon Wreath

The cool breezy vibe about a lucious watermelon is what makes it one of the most loved summer fruit. What can be better than making a bright and super cute watermelon wreath for the front door which is completely easy to put together. Just start with a wreath wire frame and use the fabrics with the colors of a watermelon. Attach the fabric to the frame as the fruit and your pretty wreath will be ready.

Details : craftcreatecook

5. DIY Faux Magnolia Wreath

DIY Faux Magnolia Wreath

If minimalism is your idea then this classy looking magnolia wreath is just a matter of minutes. You can choose to put up this wreath at any time of the year as it reflects only simplicity. Start by wrapping a floral tape to a foam wreath and move ahead by attaching the leaves to the wreath. You evergreen magnolia wreath will be ready.

Details : jollyandhappy

6. White Peony Wheel Wreath

White Peony Wheel Wreath

Got that old bicycle wheel lying in your basement, then give it an all new purpose by converting it to a vintage looking wreath. All you need to do is load the wheel with greeneries and florals along with artificial pieces of decor like little pine cones, etc. The bunches of succulents makes it look super cute and enhances the natural vibe of the wreath.

Details : etsy

7. Neon Pom Pom Wreath

Neon Pom Pom Wreath

Add a splash of vibrant neon tones to your front door with this stunning pom pom wreath which will be the point of attention for all your visitors. Place the pom poms at random on a wreath foam which gives a super chic and funky look. Once done, you will have a gorgeous looking bright pom pom wreath to adorn your front door.

Details : thecountrychiccottage

8. Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath

Easy Nautical Life Ring Wreath

Bring out the fun and simplicity of a coastal decor to your front door with this easy to make life ring wreath. We love the nautical color scheme of blue and white brought by wrapping fabric on a styrofoam wreath base. The final touches are added by a frame like rope surrounding the wreath.

Details : anextraordinaryday

9. Spring Paper Wreath

Spring Paper Wreath

What can be better than a multi colored easy to make spring wreath to adorn your front door or any decor. All you have to do is gather different patterned and colorful papers, turn them to little flowers. Attach those flowers to the wreath and a showstopper piece of decor is ready to magnify the beauty of any setting.

Details : doodlecraftblog