18 Splendid Summer Wreath Ideas That Go Just Right with the Season!

Summer wreaths are an age-old way of welcoming the season that’s all about cherishing the nature. The light and happy spirit of summer calls for integrating fruits, blossoms and bright greens into your summer wreaths. Right from taking inspiration from summer drinks to being loaded with luscious flowers and bright colors, these 20 summer wreath ideas are sureshot genius.

10. A Silk Flower Wreath

A Silk Flower Wreath

Looking for a evergreen wreath that can be put all year, then this idea here is your thing. With huge silk flowers and eucalyptus bushes, making this gorgeous piece of prettiness is absolutely easy. One amazing thing about this wreath is that you can change the florals according to the seasons or festivals.

Details : afloral

11. Fern & Daisy Summer Wreath

Fern & Daisy Summer Wreath

One of the best decor pieces for your front door is a lush fern and daisy wreath. Grab a grapevine wreath, some fern bushes and bunches of daisies. Start by putting the fern bushes to the wreath according to your need. Randomly put the florals in the wreath and give the a three dimensional look.

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12. DIY Picture Frame Wreath

DIY Picture Frame Wreath

If you want to repurpose that vintage looking picture frame then transform it into an antique wreath which is absolutely unique and exclusive. For added decor, attach bunches of greeneries and florals to the top or bottom of the frame. Keep the decor minimal that adorns the classic look of the frame as well.

Details : celebrateanddecorate

13. Rope Nautical Wreath

Rope Nautical Wreath

Add a little piece of beach to your summer decor and create this super cute and pretty rope nautical wreath which is easy to make. All you have to do is completely wrap the straw wreath with a sisal rope. To beautify the look, add little pieces like an anchor or seashells as in the idea here.

Details : howtonestforless

14. DIY Summer Floral Wreath

DIY Summer Floral Wreath

This wreath here is all about the gorgeous and pretty florals that define the beauty of the summer and spring season. Grab a grapevine wreath and decide a focal point in the wreath to make it lush and full with flowers. Choose random sized and different colored florals with some greeneries and cover the wreath. A vibrant piece of decor will be ready to welcome the summer.

Details : thegraycottage

15. Lush Floral Wreath

Lush Floral Wreath

An amazing contrast of colors and textures comes into life in the form of this graceful front door wreath. While the huge burlap ribbon bow that hangs the wreath on the door signifies rusticness at its best, a delicate touch is introduced by the colorful bundle of flowers going into the making of the wreath.

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16. Wreath for The Perfect First Impression

Wreath for The Perfect First Impression

A wreath is a first impression for anyone who visits your house and it should reflect a big welcome message to all the visitors. This lush eye catching wreath is all about grandeur and will attract everyone who looks at your door. Just use a grapevine wreath, a twiggy wreath and lots of florals and greeneries to put together is gorgeous wreath.

Details : stonegableblog

17. DIY Pineapple Wreath

DIY Pineapple Wreath

Celebrate your love for pineapples and summer with this unique idea which features the bright yellow toned pineapples collaborated with a wreath. All you need for this piece of cuteness is a styrofoam wreath and some honeycomb pineapple centerpieces. Just attach each honeycomb to the wreath and repeat until it is covered completely. Your exclusive pineapple wreath will be ready.

Details : twinspiration

18. Garland Wreath – The 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath

Garland Wreath – The 15 Minute, 15 Dollar Wreath

A simple wreath is evergreen and absolutely easy to make without taking much time. All you got to do is grab a green garland, grapevine wreath, a burlap ribbon that will be perfect for a finishing touch. Lay out the garland and attach it to the wreath until it is covered completely. Adorn the wreath with the burlap ribbon as a added element.

Details : thehowtomom

How broad is this range of summer wreath ideas that assembles floral garlands and embellishments together, while also letting you couple up lemons and fruits into front door decorations. Perhaps, it’s time to let the creative juices flowing while you sip on a nice summer mocktail!