24 Spooky Mason Jar Halloween Decor Ideas Making Trick-or-Treat More Awesome!

Mason jars are great at disguise, and that’s what makes them a well-suited decoration element for Halloween. Turn them into super cute ghosts, beautiful lanterns, DIY pumpkins and so much more to make those trick-or-treat experiences absolutely fun-filled and cool! Check out these 24 mason jar halloween decor ideas and get your dose of inspiration.

Spooky Mason Jar Halloween Decor Ideas

1. Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

A mummy in a jar is an extremely easy to make and fun to do DIY for the festive season. All you have to do is grab some mason jars, gauze bandage tapes, pairs of googly eyes and flameless votive candles.

Details : alittleclaireification

2. Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

Enchanting Halloween Lanterns

In the dark autumn evenings, we love playing with light like making the puppet theatre performances lamps and lanterns occupy our rooms. Make your very own completely easy gorgeous lanterns that illuminate the different doodles dedicated to halloween and work up as a funky decor piece.

Details : adventure-in-a-box

3. Mason Jar Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Can halloween be ever complete without the perfect pumpkin decor. Here comes the extremely easy to make mason jar pumpkin which can be put together by just some orange tissue paper. Bring life to it by sticking eyes and mouth to the jar.

Details : loveandmarriageblog

4. Spooky ‘BOO’ Mason Jar

Spooky ‘BOO’ Mason Jar

With just some letter stencils and frosted glass spray paint, bring out the halloween vibe to those mason jars by putting each letter to the face of the jar and wrap it with the spray paint. Remove the stencils and stick some tiny embellishments that reflect the appeal of Halloween.

Details : pennypinchinmom

5. Embracing the Color Tones

Embracing the Color Tones

Transform the look of a simple mason jar to life like little mummies to embrace the halloween vibe with the cute decor idea. Grab mason jars with a base color or simply spray paint it, and wrap some rubber bands on it. Paint the jar with the black paint, remove the rubber bands and bring life to the jar by adding embellishments and eyes.

Details : itallstartedwithpaint

6. Spider Mason Jars

Spider Mason Jars

What is the most loved decor for the perfect halloween look , ofcourse spider webs and bunches of faux spiders lying around and sticking from the wall. Coming up with an all new original idea to make spiders, mason jar crafts love gives life to this super cute DIY.

Details : masonjarcraftslove

7. Spider Web Mason Jars

Spider Web Mason Jars

With just your hot glue gun and a mason jar, you can convert any regular jar to the perfect prop for halloween. All you have to do is start making a spider web pattern over the jar, you can also use different colored glue stick for a little variety and stick a faux spider to it for added look.

Details : momdot

8. Halloween Mason Jar Vases

Halloween Mason Jar Vases

Keeping it simple and minimal, putting together these mason jar vases is amazingly easy and fun to do, all you have to do is paint your jar in a white tone along with the lid painted bright orange. Add a bow and alphabet tags in the lid. Fill the vases with something rustic.

Details : realhousemoms

9. Happy Witch Halloween Mason Jar

Happy Witch Halloween Mason Jar

What can be more fun than making a happy witch mason jar which is so easy to make and looks extremely cute. This is DIY where you can also take help from your kiddos and spend some fun time with them in the festive spirit.

Details : mommyevolution

10. Ghosts in a Jar Globe

Ghosts in a Jar Globe

This link features an idea that puts all the ghosts in a mason jar just like a snow globe, without the snow rather lots of moss and twigs from the yard. Bring those ghosts to life with the styrofoam balls and little pieces of gauze, attach the ghosts to the twigs and complete the jar.

Details : itallstartedwithpaint

11. Clear Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

Clear Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

If you are a lover of minimal decor, then this guide here is a must for you which shows hows simply you can make a mason jar luminary. All you have to do is paint the jar from the inside with orange mod podge and draw a funky pair of eyes and a mouth with the help of a pumpkin stencil.

Details : missinformationblog

12. High on Accessories

High on Accessories

With just some little customizations and additions, you can give an all new beauty to a simple mason jar by simply painting it with a bright orange paint, and complete the look by putting tiny accessories to bring out the pumpkin in the jar and magnify its funk.

Details : the36thavenue