24 Spooky Mason Jar Halloween Decor Ideas Making Trick-or-Treat More Awesome!

Mason jars are great at disguise, and that’s what makes them a well-suited decoration element for Halloween. Turn them into super cute ghosts, beautiful lanterns, DIY pumpkins and so much more to make those trick-or-treat experiences absolutely fun-filled and cool! Check out these 24 mason jar halloween decor ideas and get your dose of inspiration.

13. “Smell My Feet” Halloween Gift

“Smell My Feet” Halloween Gift

What can be better than making some DIY goodies that can also be put to adorn your decor and also be gifted to a friend or family. You just have to cover the lid with a tulle cloth and stick feets made out of glitter sheet for added beauty.

Details : triedandtrueblog

14. Lighted Halloween Mason Jar

Lighted Halloween Mason Jar

Everything becomes extremely pretty with a little lighting and glitter ribbons. All you have to is get a dark tinted mason jar and stuff it with string lights. Add charms to the piece by putting a bow on the lid and a vinyl words skull to complete the look.

Details : yesterdayontuesday

15. Mason Jar Ghosts

Mason Jar Ghosts

Keeping it light on the decor, you can make these cute little jar ghosts with the help of your kiddos. Start by covering the jar with white paint. the special color used for the jars is Wedding cake white which makes the jars look extremely beautiful. Just stick the googly eyes to bring life to the ghost.

Details : number-2-pencil

16. Quick and Easy Halloween Jar

Quick and Easy Halloween Jar

With just some spray paint and vinyl stickers, these luminaries are extremely easy to make and only require a few minutes to put these together. You just have to attach the sticker to the face of the jar, and cover the entire jar with the spray paint. Once dried, remove the sticker and your luminary will be done.

Details : happinessishomemade

17. Frankenstein Luminaries

Frankenstein Luminaries

Who knew that there can be a cute frankenstein that could be used to adorn the halloween decor or also be gifted to a friend. One special point about these luminaries is that you can make versatile expressions for each of the frankenstein jar by just variating the eyes and the mouth.

Details : craftsbyamanda

18. Ghostly Mason Jar

Ghostly Mason Jar

Combine the little elements of the occasion of halloween and make a ghostly jar with a silhouette of a ghost on the face of the jar and a tiny pumpkin attached to the lid. Fill the jar with string lights and let the silhouette act like the mask for reflection of an ambient light.

Details : yesterdayontuesday

19. Haunted House Mason Jar

Haunted House Mason Jar

Build a haunted house inside a little mason jar that will work up as the perfect and easy to make decor piece with just a little effort. All you have to do is cover one side of the jar with a paper and paint the entire jar and fill the jar with your desired halloween elements.

Details : thecountrychiccottage

20. Spooky Halloween Terrarium

Spooky Halloween Terrarium

Get into the halloween spirit and start to make your own halloween terrarium that you can build with your little ones as no difficult tools are involved. Grab all the accessories like twigs, seed pods, grass and halloween novelty items to complete the look.

Details : todayscreativelife

21. Halloween Mason Jar Drink Glasses

Halloween Mason Jar Drink Glasses

Replace the regular glasses and make use of customized mason jars for the serving of drinks which reflects the halloween vibe perfectly and look stunning. You just have to grab mason jars with a little gradient paint or do it yourself. Just write some message on the face of the jar with vinyl.

Details : createcraftlove

22. Just Some Washi Tape

Just Some Washi Tape

Being one of the easiest DIYs, this idea here requires only differently patterned washi tapes and some pairs of googly eyes. All you have to do is wrap different washi tapes in a criss cross pattern. Complete the look by putting googly eyes to the face of the jar and your cute tiny monsters will be ready!

Details : astepinthejourney

23. DIY Ghost Solar Lights

DIY Ghost Solar Lights

This idea here gives an all new purpose to a mason jar by transforming it to a outdoor tiki torch which can be put to adorn your porch for the halloween vibe. You need to paint the mason jar with white paint and put it over the torch.

Details : thecountrychiccottage

24. Halloween Contrasts

Halloween Contrasts

Bring out the halloween tones to life by making these all black mason jars that beautifully flaunt the rustic tones of the festive season. You have to start by spray painting the jar with black paint and compliment it by the orange and brown seam binding.

Details : okiobdesigns

It’s no less than marvelous that a simple empty glass jar can transform into such stunning pieces of decor and spookiness with just a handful of steps – all with the above awesome mason jar halloween decor ideas.