19 Spacious and Stylish Toy Storage Ideas That You and The Kiddos Would Love Equally!

Having kids is directly proportional to having loads of toys falling all over the living room carpet, the floor, the kid’s bed or even messed up inside the closet. Of course, it makes the place look very unkempt, but it is also dangerous for the kids can step on the toy cars or blocks and end up hurting themselves. To make the playtime and toy organization equally fun and decluttered, here are 19 Amazing Toy Storage Ideas for you.

19 Stylish Toy Storage Ideas That Kiddos Would Love!

1. Flexible Trofast Storage by Ikea

Flexible Trofast Storage by Ikea

Grandeur is the first word crossing the mind when you look at this huge toy storage that has got shelves and shelves for housing just about everything your kiddo needs, also displaying their toy towers and buildings with true charm. Trofast by Ikea comes with a large frame featuring several grooves where you can place boxes and shelves, reassembling things as and when required, that too all for only about 50 dollars. You will definitely have a spot for even the biggest toy collections – all it takes is combining the sturdy frames, removable boxes, and colors, thereby personalizing the storage according to your kiddo’s room. Additionally, the storage series has got low height provisions that allow for an easy access for the little ones to take out and put back the stuff on their own.

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2. DIY Wood Crate Book Storage

DIY Wood Crate Book Storage

Does your kiddo loves to celebrate his or her love for reading, ending up in a pile of books around the room? Kiss a goodbye to that clutter with a glorious-looking book storage that looks no less than a mini library. The building blocks for this awesome reading storage is budget-friendly wooden crates. The idea is to stack a few wooden crates into rows and columns in a way that the first column is the tallest, advancing towards a single crate for the last one. Simply glue the crates to each other and the DIY storage is all set to be adorned with loads and loads of amazing books and a few soft toys for a touch of decor. The illuminated letters spelling ‘ Read’ placed above the storage heighten its overall appearance even more. The best part is that you need zero woodworking skills to get the project going.

Idea Details : maisondepax

3. Rolling Bins

Rolling bins don’t just make for an incredible toy storage, but also make it easy for the kiddos to collect the toys from around the house themselves, while they roll their toy carts from one spot to another without the hassle of carrying them. The stores have got several of such bins, or you can always work them up at home by installing wheels and handles on a regular wooden or plastic bin. It may call for a couple of hours but the wonderful boxes can go for toy storage as well as similar stuff like kid’s blankets or books. Adding cute prints and patterns to the bins makes them pretty to look at, while being durable at the same time. Chevrons, stars or random geometric shapes are some most-loved designs for such bins.

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4. Storage Shelf with Labeled Crates

Storage Shelf with Labeled Crates

We just can’t get enough of wooden crates if its about pulling off DIY storage solutions. And this Pin is yet another example of the same, but the most adorable element about these crates are those DIY labels on them, worked up with some black chalkboard paint, a paintbrush and chalk. A simple-design 3-shelf storage cabinet in bright white serves the purpose of housing the small wooden crates, each of which is dedicated to storage a specific category of toys or books. This inspiration clubs the stuff into art supplies, books, play blocks and bricks, superhero stuff and car collection. However, it’s totally up to you to customize the individual crates according to your needs. Adding a dose of color to the crates is a great idea for personalizing them a bit more.

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5. Playroom Organization Using Bins and Baskets

Playroom Organization Using Bins and Baskets

Stripes Around The Cube Bins from Land of Nod come in a size that fits perfectly inside most cube shelf units, while Stripes Around The Floor Bins go for larger items – and these two easily available storage solutions can help you organize your kid’s playroom with utmost ease. Once you sort the toys into smaller categories like cars, puzzles, log building set, train set, ping pong and air hockey accessories, costume/dress up accessories,  superhero toys, house them inside the small bins and place them on the shelves. The large ones will work just perfect for stuffed animals, costumes, indoor sports accessories and other play sets. Make sure you tell the kiddos about what is each of the bins is dedicated to, so they maintain the same themselves. Head to the below pin to learn more about the idea.

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6. Ikea No-Sew Window Bench Tutorial

Ikea No-Sew Window Bench Tutorial

A toy storage that also disguises as a winsome window bench that lets the kiddos play, read books or simply relax while cherishing the view outside – this one is a sureshot heartstealer. Underneath the seating, you have got storage compartments that house storage bins or baskets holding all the toys and other kiddo stuff. The idea is to give an Ikea Expedit or Kallax Shelving Unit a clever makeover by attaching Ikea Capita Legs to the same in order to provide the perfect height for kids to climb up on the bench. The unit is then topped with an MDF board and a thick sheet of foam cut in dimensions that fit the bench perfectly. A quilt batting is stretched over the foam, lastly, adding the final fabric over the batting to ensure a soft seating. Once you attach the cushion part to the actual bench, your no-sew Ikea prettiness is all set!

Idea Details : mommyvignettes.blogspot

7. A Bunch of Baskets

A Bunch of Baskets

The Expedit bookcases are so versatile with their 5 cubical open compartments that they can add a wonderful storage solution to just about any room around the house, simply coupled up by baskets or bins that fit the openings. Two Expedits are assembled in an L-shaped fashion and placed in one corner of the playroom, turned into super cute benches with cushion seating on top. So, you have got 10 storage cubbies that are spacious enough to accommodate almost all the toys from around the room and organize them all in one single spot. After adding thick foam and fabric to the benches, all it takes is a few throw pillows or cushions to make the space all the way more cozy and comfy for one and all. Check out more about the storage baskets in the below guide by I Heart Organizing.

Idea Details : iheartorganizing

8. Toy Car Garage

Toy Car Garage

Having their very own car garage definitely sounds a dream come true for kiddos who love to collect a whole bundle of matchbox vehicles. Specially, when the garage comes as a stunning display for their collectibles at the same time. Creating the lovely storage unit calls for a few pieces of wood that end up in a multi-shelf rack that can easily be mounted on the wall. This inspiration is worked up with some readily available wooden shoe racks, getting it all done in a surprisingly tiny budget yet yielding some amazing end results. Grabbing their toy cars and putting them back in place isn’t a hassle anymore for the kids, instead equally fun as the playtime itself. Spruce up with decorative touches in a garage theme and prefer arranging the cars in a color coordinated fashion to enhance the appeal.

Idea Details : housebeautiful

9. Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

Stuffed Animal Storage Zoo

How wonderful is this mini zoo at home that holds all those stuffed animals! And to make it apt for a boy’s room, it’s worked up to look like a barn, housing the cute soft toys in a toy cage. A cuboidal wooden frame forms the basic block, adding a plywood sheet for the barn front, further cutting doors and adding hinges to the same. Although this one requires basic woodworking and patience, it is quite easy to forge the project as shared in the below guide by The Keeper of the Cheerios. The bars for the cage here are worked up with a roll of black bungee that’s cut down to size and screwed onto the frame of the barn. Ample of space for storage yet this one is a compact piece that can be placed at any corner of the room.

Idea Details : thekeeperofthecheerios