19 Spacious and Stylish Toy Storage Ideas That You and The Kiddos Would Love Equally!

Having kids is directly proportional to having loads of toys falling all over the living room carpet, the floor, the kid’s bed or even messed up inside the closet. Of course, it makes the place look very unkempt, but it is also dangerous for the kids can step on the toy cars or blocks and end up hurting themselves. To make the playtime and toy organization equally fun and decluttered, here are 19 Amazing Toy Storage Ideas for you.

h2>10. DIY Branch Swing Shelves

DIY Branch Swing Shelves

How about bringing a touch of an outdoor garden inside, wherein your kiddos favorite soft toys seem to enjoy a swing? Not just an ordinary swing, these also double up as hanging shelves for the stuffed toys. You are going to need some thick branches, a hand saw, an electric drill with various size bits, a solid braided rope, some masking tape, and a few screws to get started with the steps of construction showcased in the below tutorial by Garden Therapy. The branches have got holes on both the ends, where a thick rope is threaded and knotted at the ends. What hangs the swing to the ceiling is screws inserted through the top knots, further secured into the wall. Keep switching the items that hang to the swings to make sure they always stay novice.

Idea Details : gardentherapy

11. Organized Playroom

Organized Playroom

The way this inspiration by The Sunny Side Up Blog has got the playroom organized is a sight to watch – well-managed, accessible and luxurious. A closet with open shelves is all thanks to the great accessibility here, letting you close the door when needed. The board games grab a spot on the right side of the closet, while the left goes for puzzles, doll houses and other random toys. The middle is adorned with inexpensive bins from Target, organizing the toys by categories and adding chalkboard labels that make it easy to erase and change things. Black and white striped bins hold the larger toys, having hanging chalkboard labels and handles on both the sides to make them easy to carry.

Idea Details : thesunnysideupblog

12. The Art Cart

The Art Cart

Taking huge credit for its portability and compact construction, the Raskog Cart by Ikea proves to be a marvellous option to store just about every art supply your creative kiddo needs. Plus, those tiny wheels at the bottom allow the kid to take the cart around the house with surprising effortlessness. The three shelves allow you to store all the colors, pencils, crayons, glue, craft supplies, art books and so much more in a rightly organized manner with the help of several containers that hold the craft stuff. Upcycling some jars or metal cans with patterned tape or fabric is all it takes, while some silver duct tape can make them look all metallic and shiny. All the art supplies right at your little one’s fingertips!

Idea Details : suburble

13. DIY Pillowfort Box Hack

DIY Pillowfort Box Hack

The focal points of this toy organization is rustic wood bins from Target Pillowfort, sporting a dimensional appeal with their structure that reveals what’s stored inside in a clever manner. A simple 2 shelf book storage houses the wooden boxes according to the sizes of its shelves, wherein each of the boxes holds specific categories of toys or books. To add perfect accents to the earthy appeal of the boxes, the author at Farm Fresh Therapy grabs a bright teal paint and coats the edges of the boxes with the same to add a pop of color to them. The color makes them look even more dimensional and complements the rustic charm of the bins just like magic. Check out the below link to learn more about the simple yet powerful hack!

Idea Details : farmfreshtherapy

14. Rustic Multi-Shelf Storage Rack

Rustic Multi-Shelf Storage Rack

No matter how chic or contemporary your room looks, this farmhouse-inspired storage shelf will add that rustic vibe to your space almost instantly, while also being the focal point of the room. The multi-shelf rack with its unstained wooden frame and shelves comes with a minimal design and great space for storage, which you can also employ to display some decorative items. The bottom two shelves here are used to place large rustic jute-like baskets with a dual-tone print and easy-to-carry rope handles. The baskets can house the toys, while the upper shelves can display them in style. Calendars, show pieces, artworks by your kiddo, soft toys, cars and more can be placed on the top shelves, making every bit of the rack count at its best. Head to the guide by Studio Mcgee to learn more about the idea.

Idea Details : studio-mcgee

15. An Ikea Hack Train and Activity Table

An Ikea Hack Train and Activity Table

Here’s a gorgeous train and activity table that also works as a wonderful storage space for your little one’s toys, having its tabletop form the platform for train tracks, trains, and race cars. The main element for the construction is an Ikea Trofast frame that’s screwed to a table top. Apart from Trofast, you will need 3 Ikea Trofast storage boxes, 3 large Ikea Trofast storage boxes, an Ikea Linnmon white table top, some screws, an electric drill, and a measuring tape. The cubbies in the Trofast are used to place slide-out tubs that will hold the toys and similar stuff when the kids aren’t playing. Check out the guide by The Crazy Craft Lady to gain a better insight into the activity table and its functionality.

Idea Details : thecrazycraftlady

16. IKEA PAX Drawer To Under Bed Toy Box On Wheels

IKEA PAX Drawer To Under Bed Toy Box On Wheels

If your little one has got a small room, utilize the space under the bed with this amazing storage hack to keep all the toys in place. An Ikea Pax drawer comes into play to work up the under-the-bed toy box with tiny caster wheels and handles that will let the kid roll the drawer out when needed, easily pushing it back in. The other supplies you need are liquid nails, some Authentico wax, a saw, silver metal paint, sandpaper or sanding machine, a foam roller, pine timber wood, industrial number stencils, and paint in orange, grey and black. The grey paint and the metal handles are all thanks to giving the drawer its industrial appeal, while the numbers worked up on the surface add so much more character to everything.

Idea Details : grillo-designs

17. A Storage Solution for Big Toys

A Storage Solution for Big Toys

Coming for a surprisingly inexpensive deal of 30 dollars each, Gorm Shelving units by Ikea are what you are going to rush to buy the moment you get your hands on this toy storage solution that would accommodate even those large toys that can’t fit in regular drawers or closets. Once you whitewash the toy shelves with a color that matches your surrounding decor, they are all set to hold the stuff in place, including those huge doll houses, castles, remote cars, lego structures, bricks, books, stuffed toys and whatever you can think of. And that’s because of the super huge space that each of the compartments of these shelving units come with. Check out how the units were assembled, painted and finished up as explained in the below guide by Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Idea Details : justagirlandherblog

18. DIY Quick and Easy Modern Toy Storage

DIY Quick and Easy Modern Toy Storage

Playful and imaginative, this oh so easy to work up toy storage flaunts a modern and chic essence that will suit a scandinavian theme room beautifully. And the way it keeps the structure minimal makes it versatile as well. It’s all about a few wooden boxes arranged together to form a shelf-like structure. To forge the steps of construction for the toy storage as explained in this tutorial by Anna Bode, you are going to need 3 FÖRHÖJA wall cabinets from Ikea, a medium-sized paint brush , some painter’s tape, a medium grit sandpaper, and some paint in white, grey, and green. The insides of the storage boxes are creatively painted with lovely patterns and shapes that adds to the interest of the storage. You can also stain the surface of the boxes with your choice of hue, further adding decor elements like table-top plants to the same.

Idea Details : annabode

19. House Organic Cotton Storage Bag

House Organic Cotton Storage Bag

Totally adorable, these storage bags are made out of canvas cloth and are a super cool solution to house small toys like lego blocks, tiny stuffed toys and other similar stuff. The design and prints on the bags are not only playful for the kiddos but also fit the modern aesthetics of your house like a miracle. The graphics on the bags have got a door and window on the front and a ladder, raised door and small window on the back. It even comes with a tiny key to the graphic house that adds the finishing touches to the pretty print it flaunts. The fabric is double layered and fully lined with a drawstring room that makes sure the contents don’t fall off while you carry the bag along. Check out the below link by Port Of Raleigh to learn more about the cotton storage bags.

Idea Details : portofraleigh

When things get as awesome to organize and arrange in an eye-pleasing manner as it is to play with them, even the kids would be willing to keep it all well-managed. And  these toy storage ideas not only keeps the stuff within an easy reach but displays them as fine exhibits!