20 Ultra Cool and Refreshing Summer Porch Decor Ideas to Welcome the Season in Style!

Colors that strike us on the mention of summers have got a cherishing fresh element to them, dominating everything around with hues of yellow, orange and bright greens. So, a perfect welcome of the summer season calls for a porch decor that goes with the essence of summer. And that’s what these summer porch decor ideas do!

20 Ultra Cool and Refreshing Summer Porch Decor Ideas to Welcome the Season in Style

1. Simplicity at its Best!

Simplicity at its Best

Porch is the first part of the house that anyone witnesses before even entering the house. The cute porch decor here features a beautiful bunch of florals tucked in a rustic looking milk can with the house number painted on it. The can is partnered with a little white fence with weathered texture, while the welcome sign hung on it is the absolute cherry on the cake.

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2. Perk Up Your Porch And Patio

Perk Up Your Porch And Patio

Do you like to start your day and read the paper with a cup of coffee in a quiet corner in the fresh morning. A dining area, a summer reading spot or a nice place to swing are all examples of fun spaces to create outdoors! Why not create a little space on your porch so that you can enjoy your morning ritual.

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3. Little Additions to the Porch

Little Additions to the Porch

If you want to add a personalized element in your porch area which exclusively symbolizes the family, then this little plant stand is your thing. You can write a message or your family name on the top of the stand and hang a beautiful bunch of florals. The rustic texture of the stand enhances the beauty of the entire piece.

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4. Milk Can Table

Milk Can Table

The porch should accommodate a perfect setting where you can spend those evenings relaxing and have a good cup of coffee. Here, this porch decor is all about rustic and the furniture consists of wooden pallets which give it a farmhouse touch. The main attraction in this setting is the huge vintage looking milk can that is turned into a super chic table.

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5. Spring Farmhouse Porch

Spring Farmhouse Porch

Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse, it’s pretty easy to achieve a spring farmhouse porch by adding simple and natural elements. The wooden all white chairs kept on the porch along with the rustic table, reflect the farmhouse vibe. Also, the huge planters placed on the sides of the door also magnify the look while the wreath compliments the entire setting.

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6. A Pretty Life Front Porch

A Pretty Life Front Porch

A porch is a gateway to a house and the mood of the entire home is reflected by just looking at the porch. Here the porch is beautifully loaded with a bunch of flower baskets and pots, while the little decor pieces placed in the steps of the house add charms to the entire look.

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7. Weathered Texture Complimenting Florals

Weathered Texture Complimenting Florals

The use of lots of little pots filled with versatile florals adds the next level of beauty to any porch and makes the view of the house perfectly gorgeous. This decor features the rustic and wooden textures painted on all the pots which compliment the weathered look of the table. The only pop of color in the entire setting is brought by the cute flowers that beautify the brown hues.

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8. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

Grab some rustic wooden pallets and start on by making a gorgeous vertical pallet garden that will definitely catch a lot of attention from your guests. All you have to do is get a bunch of colorful little pots and fill them with flowers and plants. Hang the pots with the help of S-shaped hooks to the pallets and your little pallet garden will be ready making your porch even more pretty.

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9. DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

The addition of little elements to a porch setting is all that it takes to make it even more beautiful. As in this decor, the work is done by the cute and rustic looking planters placed along with the chair. The main point of beauty here is the garden made in the super chic mason jars.

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10. Southern Screen Porch

Southern Screen Porch

If a porch is perfectly organized then who wouldn’t want to spend their time relaxing in the outdoors. This inspiration here is the perfect example of organization as everything is beautifully decorated and each corner is adorned with something special. Right from the shutter wall to the little flower basket hanging on the table, this porch decor is absolutely full of life.

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