Super Spooky DIY Halloween Decor

Are you planning to throw a get together for Halloween this year? These bloody candles, invisible ghosts and skull wreath by WhatsupMoms is just the right level of spook the festival needs.

Super Spooky DIY Halloween Decor

The very first idea is a candle-maker’s treasure, working up scary blood dripping candles in just a few minutes. You are going to need just a handful of supplies to get started with the project. Grab some large white candles, a red candle, and some random Halloween themed embellishments. WhatsupMoms goes for faux skeleton hands, some nails, and some glitter plastic spiders in orange, black, and purple.

You begin with lighting the red candle to allow the wax to start melting, further lifting it up and dripping the wax on top of the white candle. Simply continue dripping the red wax around the entire candle top until you have got it as bloody as you want it to be.

These sending chills down the spine-worthy candles look complete in themselves as a wonderful centerpiece for any Halloween celebration, especially when you switch off the lights of the room and let that bloody glow spread around the space. However, adding a few embellishments to the spookiest makes them even more impactful. Insert some faux nails into the candles at random spots, creating an impression of skeleton hands holding them, while creepy crawly spiders grab a seat for themselves on the same.

It’s quite a surprise that the second idea, i.e. creepy skull wreath calls for no more than 2 readily available and budget-friendly items to get it all done. Plus, the end results that it yields are an unbearably terrifying. So, all you are going to need is some fake foam skulls and a hot glue gun.

DIY | Super Spooky Halloween Decor

(Video and pictures via WhatsUpMoms)

Arrange the individual skull side by side in a circular fashion, making sure each one of them touches the consecutive skulls. Once, you form a circle, it’s time to glue the heads together. Lift one of the skulls and apply some hot glue on the sides, repeating the same for each of the skulls, until they are all adhered to each other to form a circle and voila! The super spooky skull wreath is all set to adorn your front door and greet the trick-or-treaters with a dash of eeriness.

How about having a sinister cheesecloth ghost sitting on the kitchen counter, or the platform in the yard or the mantel when someone enters the space in the dark? You are going to need some cheesecloth, a plastic doll about 20 inches tall, and some stiffening spray.

Drape the cheesecloth over the doll, tucking the fabric over the arms and legs of the doll to give it a proper form that makes a ghostly figure appear to be sitting on a platform. Now it’s time to spray some stiffener on the cheesecloth to make it adapt the form – make sure you go for a thick even coat, and the stiffener will make the cheesecloth wrinkle and harden.

Head to the video and get your hands on the steps to work up your very own versions to the spookylicious ideas!