These 20 Farmhouse Living room Decor and Design Ideas are Simply Breathtaking!

The newest but totally unfailing development in the sphere of interior decor is a soothing farmhouse theme. The combination of textures and pleasant shades that go for a farmhouse touch are not only glorious to look at, but also very versatile to match the house. To exhibit the same a little better, here are 20 farmhouse livingroom decor and design ideas.

Farmhouse Living room Decor ideas

1. Farmhouse Style Cheap Curtains

Farmhouse Style Cheap Curtains

The thing that makes this idea a must-try is the ease with which it can be accomplished, specially when it doesn’t call for any sewing at all. Plus, these no-sew curtains cost no more than 5 dollars, calling for only 3 supplies. You need twin size flat sheet, clip drapery rings, and a curtain rod.

DIY Details : musthavemom

2. Distressed Window Pane Grapevine Wreath

Distressed Window Pane Grapevine Wreath

An old distressed window pane is put to a brand new use, creating a perfect example of repurposing at its best. A large grapevine wreath goes for sprucing up the window pane with even more rusticness. The wreath has got cotton balls and stem as its chief highlights. Add some neutral-painted pumpkins and planters to complete the setting.

DIY Details :etsy

3. Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room Decor

This inspiration shared by Architeworks sports an extensive variety of textures, while the colors scheme stays beautifully rustic. Loads of cushion covers, a clever use of wood and metal for the furniture as well as the decor elements, gorgeous lamps and lightings, as well as a large window frame are splendorous.

DIY Details : architeworks

4. Neutral Scheme with Accent Clock

Neutral Scheme with Accent Clock

The ultimate show stealer of this living room is that huge wall clock that contrasts the room’s color scheme with a deep black. All-white walls of the space and the white sofas with printed cushion covers compliment each other just perfect. The end table is a lovely stacking of two wooden crates in a distressed finish.

DIY Details : architeworks

5. Grey and White with Wooden Accents

Grey and White with Wooden Accents

All about the idea of subtle, the color scheme of this modern farmhouse living room is dominated by shades of grey and white. The deep grey sofa sectionals and the dining table chairs look just right when placed in the setting, while the wooden table adds to the rustic appeal even better. The centerpiece here is a wicker basket with books and planters.

DIY Details : homespecially

6. Large Sofa Sectional and Rustic Table

Large Sofa Sectional and Rustic Table

Two huge lights hang above the kitchen island, while the couch placed in the middle takes most of the limelight with its structure and printed cushion covers. The wooden table takes the cake with its totally natural wood appeal as its frame is kept unaltered with paints or polishes. A large glass vase and a wire basket are placed on the glass tabletop.

DIY Details : twohomedecors

7. Farmhouse Decor Living Room

Farmhouse Decor Living Room

While most of the living rooms feature sofas in the same hue, this one has got different colors for each of the sectionals. The cushions are adorned with printed covers and graphic accents, while the square coffee table in the middle comes with an old worn out touch in terms of its paint job and design. The barn door with a wreath are plain awesomeness.

DIY Details : twohomedecors

8. Celebrating the Hues of Brown

Celebrating the Hues of Brown

The hues and shades of brown that are used throughout this living room space is simply fabulous. The other colors combined into the room are some greys and white that go just right for the covers on the sofa cushions. The round table in the middle of the room works wonders with its wooden slat top, having lights play a key role in the whole setting.

DIY Details :

9. Cozy Farmhouse Living Room with Minimalist Chandelier

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room with Minimalist Chandelier

What looks to be the most special thing about this gorgeous living room setting is that black minimal frame chandelier. Another great addition is the large chalkboard installed behind a lovely wooden end shelf. The L-shaped sofa is adorned with cushions with beautiful geometric patterns and stripes for their covers. The vintage rectangular table completes the look.

DIY Details : homespecially

10. Milk Cans and Floral Decor

Milk Cans and Floral Decor

It’s amazing how some hugely decorative elements can be worked up simply by repurposing old milk cans!Two of the cans are painted milky white and placed atop the mantel after putting pretty floral stems inside. Old window panes and a large mirror form the perfect accompaniments to the cans. Alongside the fireplace you have got two unpainted milk cans taking the cake with their rusticness.

DIY Details : blessthisnestblog