These 20 Farmhouse Living room Decor and Design Ideas are Simply Breathtaking!

The newest but totally unfailing development in the sphere of interior decor is a soothing farmhouse theme. The combination of textures and pleasant shades that go for a farmhouse touch are not only glorious to look at, but also very versatile to match the house. To exhibit the same a little better, here are 20 farmhouse livingroom decor and design ideas.

11. Ektorp Sofa and Chair

Ektorp Sofa and Chair

As the title suggests, the highlight of this room is surely that super comfortable Ektorp style sofa and chair sporting a subtle hue of grey. A tiny table is placed in the middle, complementing the designer pillow covers with utmost grace. The backdrop of the sofa features three distressed paint doors grouped together and decorated with a large metal wreath.

DIY Details : blessthisnestblog

12. Wood Dominates the Scene

Wood Dominates the Scene

Right from that accent wall behind the television to the gorgeous wooden table in the center which is kept all unaltered in terms of paints and stains, this room goes for a beautiful use of wood. For the furniture, two vintage chairs in bright white rest on either side of the shelf underneath the television as well as a large grey sofa finds a major spot.

DIY Details : roomadness

13. Single Pop of Color

Single Pop of Color

While everything here is kept all white or mostly neutral, the only pop of pastel color in this living room setting is the large cupboard in one corner. The cupboard looks splendid with a coat of subtle pastel green, but what brings out so much more charm is its distressed paint job. A glorious chandelier, a white sofa and white furniture are stunning!

DIY : roomadness

14. Living Room with ‘Farmhouse’ Sign

Living Room with Farmhouse Sign

Not only does everything about this room sports a farmhouse touch, but the space has also got an actual wood sign placed on one of the walls, spelling ‘farmhouse’ in a lovely brush script. Below the television, a lovely wooden shelf is placed which is further decorated with bottle glass vases and lanterns. We totally love the grey curtains and the vintage wall decor embellishments.

DIY Details : homyfeed

15. Variety Covers for Each Cushion

Variety Covers for Each Cushion

A wenge wooden table with an extra shelf at the bottom works for both style and storage! The L-shaped sofa features a lovely white, while a cream-hued carpet forms the base for the sofa and the table. Each of the throw pillows on the couch here go for a unique cover with different patterns and prints. Finally, loads of flowers and lamps are used for decorating the room.

DIY Details : homishome

16. Old Paint Wire Bushel Stand

Old Paint Wire Bushel Stand

What a stunning accompaniment to the couch of the living room, this old paint wire bushel stand is surely a must-have. Put all those cozy throws and a few cushions into the stand when you don’t want them to take space on the couch. The texture as well as the kind of appeal that this stand flaunts is not just rustic, but also pleasingly metallic.

DIY Details : farmhousefreshhome

17. Contrast the Scene with a Dark Couch

Contrast the Scene with a Dark Couch

How about contrasting the overall interior decor of the living room with a dark sofa? This chocolate-brown kinda shade here totally looks breathtaking against the rest of the setting that mostly centers around neutrals. A checkered table runner works amazingly well on the vintage drawer table.

DIY Details : architeworks

18. Add Rugs and Throw Quilts

Add Rugs and Throw Quilts

A nice rug can really add to the whole charm and appeal of your space, and that’s exactly what this fluffy rug does in this Instagram share. Cozy throw quilts can be seen on the couch and chairs, while little throw pillows also adorn the  furniture. A large white antique-looking cupboard sits at the corner.

DIY Details : instagram

19. Natural Wood Table Decor

Natural Wood Table Decor

Although this inspiration takes you through one single piece of furniture, the kind of beauty it flaunts in a lovely farmhouse appeal is rare to find. This large rectangular table makes a complete statement with its natural wood textures and imperfections. It’s adorned with flower boxes and large painted jars.

DIY Details : shairoom

20. Checkered Black and White

Checkered Black and White

Who wouldn’t adore these checkered curtains coming in a classic color combination of black and white. Between them, lies a white-coated window pane that has got a lush green wreath adhered to it. The black chandelier and that rich finish wooden table are no less than mesmerising.

DIY Details : home4rt


Taking a look at the above farmhouse livingroom decor and design ideas, we can conclude that all it takes is neutral color schemes, a creative use of subtle prints and textures, along with some delicate decor elements and a lovely integration of wood into the whole space.