These 3 Super Affordable DIY Halloween Decorations Are A Must Check-Out!

Halloween already knocking the doors calls for a theme-apt decor. While the internet is loaded with festive decorations, working up some DIY Spooky Halloween Decorations, that too in an affordable way has its own charm.

Super Affordable DIY Halloween Decorations

Through a cool YouTube video, Gillian Bower builds 3 glorious decor pieces. First and foremost, you have got the balloon spider webs that call for lots of fluffy white yarn, some balloons, a few faux spiders, and some school glue. Gillian begins with pouring some glue in a large container and throwing in some yarn into the same, followed by thoroughly coating the yarn with the glue and a little water.

The fun part is wrapping the glue-dipped yarn around an inflated balloon in a random fashion. Once the thread is all dry, it’s time to use a pin to deflate the balloon and the end results? A hollow yarn ball that will create an interesting illusion of a spooky spider web!

The hollow web orbs look amazing when plastic spiders are adhered to them at certain spots, finally hanging from the trees in the yard or from the ceiling indoors.

Next are more than winsome tealight spiders that are tiny tealights disguised as googly eyed spiders that add some glow to the Halloween table setting or the mantel. To get started with the project, you will need a metal wire, wire cutters, some colored glitter, a hot glue gun, some spray paint, a few tealight holders, and some googly eyes.

The idea is to cut same-sized pieces out of the metal wire and bend them at a certain angle in order to make them look like individual spidey legs. The tealight holder is turned upside down and the wire legs are adhered to it to get the initial spider-like shape. Grab a bright spray paint, preferably, orange, dark brown or whatever color you love and coat the structure with the paint.

DIY Spooky Halloween Decorations!

(Video and pictures via Gillian Bower)

A little glam and glitz is surely the need of the hour here – after all, we are working up some DIY Halloween candles! So, while the paint is still wet, sprinkle loads and loads of glitter on the spider candle holder until it’s thoroughly covered with a dash of sparkle. Lastly, place the candle inside the holder and let it spread some light around.

How about having a glove stand at the decor table, seemingly housing a ghost hand inside? Actually, the hand-less glove is a work of Gillian’s creativity, wherein she uses pipe cleaners to make the fingers that give the basic shape to the gloves while some cotton balls go for the stuffing.

A pipe cleaner is used to cut the excess pipe cleaners extending outwards from the gloves, and a piece of spray painted sponge can work wonders as the stand for the glove. To turn it into a wonderful tablescape, place a large glass candle holder around the glove fitted into the stand, and voila! A few candles accompanying the same will add so much more to the assembly.