These 4 Harry Potter Decor Ideas are All you Need for a Movie-Inspired Halloween!

Does the mere mention of fantasy brings Harry Potter to your mind? If you too, are a die-hard Harry Potter fan, working up some innovative Halloween decorations inspired by your favorite fantasy seems to be a wonderful idea. Here are 4 Harry Potter decor ideas that will get the Halloween preparations started.

Harry Potter Halloween Decor Ideas

We couldn’t stop from throwing some light on this fantastic video shared by Craft Factory. The quick 4-minute video takes you through four different decor pieces, wherein you have got a creepy hanging foil spider craft, magical-looking potion bottle craft, interesting do-it-yourself Hogwarts flags, and lastly, a Hogwarts secret door craft.

The tutorial begins with the hanging foil spider which calls for lots of foil that you turn into a spherical shape, further getting a little twisty with aluminum wire. You need to wrap the wire around the foil ball while also extending it outwards to get that hanging loop. More wires work wonders to build the legs of the spider, further wrapping them with some more foil.

The foil spider is then coated with a splash of black spray paint, adding a few spooky touches with brown – and the end results are a creepy-crawly hanging spider figurine that will let you send some chills down the spines of the guests.

The second idea is all about repurposing an empty wine bottle into a potion bottle, coating the same with some white spray paint. A permanent marker in black lets you add the much-needed element of spook by drawing elements like a rib cage and some extra hints of spooky! A tiny faux skull replaces the regular lid of the potion bottle, and voila!

4 Harry Potter Halloween Decor Ideas

(Video and pictures via Craft Factory)

Some stencils in shapes flaunted by the different student houses in Hogwarts form the foundation of the DIY flags, along with some felt sheets and paints. This one not only looks interesting but also colorful with shades of yellow, green, red and blue wherein each of the colors is dedicated to one house flag.

Last but not least, you have got a huge Hogwarts door DIY – and we never know if it could actually transport us to the magical world of Harry Potter! The idea is to pour lots of thick brown paint on a color tray or a large paper plate, further rubbing a large sponge on the paint to grab some color. A brown paper sheet forms the base for the sponge stamps that actually work up a brick-wall texture on the sheet. The intended imperfections bring out a rustic-looking yet oh so natural appeal to the bricks pattern, and a vertical cut made at the center of the sheet forms a unique doorway to the other side.

Once the paint is all dry, you can finally add a Hogwarts sign on the door, and it’s all set to display at the party! We bet the kiddos would totally fall in love with the idea of the magic door, while the grown-ups would admire the hanging spiders at random spots. It’s time to get decorating – Happy Halloween!