These Mini Pallet Planters for Succulents Are A Popsicle Sticks Wonder!

Are you totally in love with the idea of DIY gardening and working up unique planters for your space? Or simply want to make your friends and family feel a lot more precious with some homemade gifts? These gorgeous succulent mini-pallet planters made out of popsicle sticks are all you need!

Popsicle Stick Mini Pallet

Here’s an incredible YouTube video tutorial shared by Garden Answer, wherein, a few popsicle sticks are beautifully transformed into oh so adorable mini pallets for succulents. Everything is put together with so much ease and finish, ending up in breathtakingly lovely tiny planters. Put them on the work desk or the coffee table, or simply let them spruce up the wall decor – they aren’t going to miss making a statement.

To begin with the super cute idea, you are going to need a few popsicle sticks, some super glue, some sphagnum moss, a clear tacky gel glue, some Minwax spar urethane, as well as cutting from different types of succulents such echeveria, sedum, sempervivum and more!

Once you choose some popsicle sticks, you need to cut an even length for all of them. Go for sticks that are as straight as possible, while you can always choose between the uniform ones or sticks with a more grainy texture.

Next, cut the round ends off of the popsicle sticks. To get that done, you can mark both ends of the sticks with a pencil right underneath the curved edges end, further cutting the marked piece with scissors or craft knife. It’s time to start assembling the pallets together.

Popsicle Stick Mini Pallet

(Video and pictures via Garden Answer)

You need to space two marked popsicle sticks around one stick length apart from each other. Make sure you align the ends of the spacer stick with the outside edge of the marked ones. This is actually going to work up the base for the mini pallets.

Place a drop of super glue on each end of the sticks, further sticking another 2 sticks between those glue drops along their thin edge, i.e. making the sticks stand on their sides. Now, glue 4 more sticks between the two end sticks, while making sure they are evenly spaced.

Allow the pallet to dry for a few minutes, further flipping it over to work up the second side of the planters. You need to glue 6 more sticks to the second side of the pallet too, wherein you place two on the ends while adhering four evenly spaced ones between them.

Grab the stain and apply it to the tiny pallets to achieve a stunning wood effect. Once the stain is dry, it’s time to fill the pallets with lots of sphagnum moss. Next, you adhere your cute little succulents to the moss using drops of clear tacky gel glue.

To get a thorough insight into the making, head to the video tutorial right away! Please remember that the succulents can last for a short period of time in those mini pallets, as long as there’s space for the roots to grow. After that, all you need to do is transfer the pretties into large planters, and voila!