19 Ultra Stylish Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Ideas Getting you All Set for The Day

Haven’t got enough space to build a special vanity around the house, or install those lavish dresser corners? Make the most of your bathroom space by working up a compact yet amazingly purposeful vanity inside. And these ultra stylish farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas will help you get that done.


11. Dresser To Vanity

11. Dresser To Vanity

Get that old dresser and start working with your creativity and convert that dresser into an all new vanity for your bathroom. Start by placing the sink in the top shelf of the dresser and do the necessary fittings and fixtures. Paint the vanity with the color of your choice and store all your items in the drawers.

Details : anoregoncottage

12. Rustic DIY Vanity

13. Rustic DIY Vanity

This super chic DIY vanity is as easy as it is gorgeous and all you need is just a little amount of your time and wooden boards to build this piece of prettiness for your bathroom. The mirror also comes with storage space and the box in front of the mirror can be used to keep bottles and jars as in the idea.

Details : shanty-2-chic

13. DIY Chic Vanity

14. DIY Chic Vanity

Build a vintage looking cabinet for your bathroom with a few hours, some wooden boards and the color of your choice. This vanity features a toilet roll hanger and the weathered black paint acts as the point of attention in this entire setting. Fit the sink inside the vanity along with a antique looking faucet which completes the look.

Details : shanty-2-chic

14. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

15. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity

If the idea of subtle is your thing then this minimal framed piece of prettiness is a must try for you as it gives various storage options. The bottom shelf of the cabinet is dedicated for storage where baskets, bottles, clothes, etc can be kept. The rod fastened in the front is put to hang towels or rolls.

Details: decorandthedog

15. Build a Farmhouse Vanity

16. Build a Farmhouse Vanity

Switch from the traditional cabinet idea to a DIY open shelf cabinet and build this beautiful
turquoise vanity that adds the chic element to your bathroom interior. The bottom shelf of the vanity provides a remarkable amount of storage space to keep immediate and necessary stuff along with a few decor pieces like the small vase in the inspiration.

Details : allthingsnewinteriors

16. Cottage White Vanity

17. Cottage White Vanity

In this setting, a little customisation is done with the idea of a regular wall mounted mirror as a cabinet mirror is placed which can be utilised as the added storage space along with the vanity. The cabinet itself provides good room for storage. A rod is fastened to the side of the cabinet that can be dedicated to hang towels.

Details : farmhouse5540.blogspot

17. Couple of Weathered Vanities

18. Couple of Weathered Vanities

If you can give a large amount of the bathroom space to your vanity area then this idea is your thing as the vanity here provides a huge storage area and also adds charms to the interior with its rustic weathered look. Moreover, the mirrors with the natural wooden frame complement the rustic vanities perfectly and make the country vibe of the interior.

Details : instagram

18. Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

19. Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Keep it simple and elegant with an open shelf vanity that occupies a little amount of space but provides a good amount of storage space in your bathroom. The bottom shelf of this vanity acts as the storage section of the bathroom where you can keep baskets, toilet rolls or stacks of towels. The point of attention are the beautiful pink florals that make the interior bright.

Details : homearchite

19. The Ideal Vanity

20. The Ideal Vanity

This vanity here features all the elements perfectly as it combines the concept of a closed and open cabinet, it also occupies less amount of space and provides a reasonable amount of space on the top as well because the sink installed is small in size. It comes with a drawer and two open shelves which give enough scope for storage.

Details : pinterest


Lovely mirrors, ample of storage space and of course, and a dose of enchantment – is there simply anything that these cool farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas haven’t got? The answer is obvious and hits all the right notes of a country-inspired decor.