18 Valentine’s Day Mantle Decor Ideas Worthy of Falling in Love With!

Dedicating itself entirely to decor, the mantel is a huge platform to let your creative juices flowing, specially when it’s about getting it set for valentine’s day. Below are 18 gorgeous Valentine’s day mantel decor ideas that you will instantly fall in love with!

Valentines Day Mantle Decor Ideas

1. Pink And Gold Valentines Day Mantel

Pink And Gold Valentines Day Mantel

Keeping it subtle for the day of love, this mantel decor is the example of elegance and also fulfills the purpose beautifully. Creating a simple backdrop for the decor, the white pallet board makes a contrast with the gold and pink theme. The message frames put up on the mantel make the super cute focal point in the setting along with the wooden round love sign that is just so pleasing to look at and steals the show in the arrangement. The bunting hung on the board makes the space even more adorable and pretty as the hearts look gorgeous with the golden and pink tones while the polka dot patterned heart adds charms to the appearance. Making it completely dreamy and beautiful, the white feather boa is perfect to bring the finishing touches to the mantel.

Details : landeeseelandeedo

2. Valentines Day Mantel: Hugs And Kisses

Valentines Day Mantel: Hugs And Kisses

Valentine’s day is all about hugs and kisses and this mantel decor flaunts the beauty of day. Starting with the super cute bunting that features hearts with versatile patterns and colors that adorn the lovely patterns and make a gorgeous background. The chippy wooden round that features a magnificent red heart with a pink and white backdrop is the absolute icing on the cake in the arrangement complimenting the theme for the decor. The picture frame in red with the family picture perfectly sums up the purpose of Valentine’s day and the XO sign made out of distressed wood also brings the final touches to the mantel decor arrangement here. This mantel setting is accented with a Hugs and Kisses vinyl sticker that defines the decor.

Details : landeeseelandeedo

3. Red And White Valentines Mantel

Red And White Valentines Mantel

Featuring the absolute dreamy vibe, this mantel decor makes the super beautiful combination of red and white that involves the winter look with the Valentines look. The stunning backdrop of the decor is made by a Love sign that adorns a patterned O in red and white polka dots with magnificent white letters. The mantel is accented with some super pretty pom pom ball garlands that give it a soft touch. The couple of bottles filled with love potion and accented with cute heart ribbons, bring out a bright touch of color making a blend with the frosted pinecones and message bottles. The huge jars are adorned with decorative twigs in silver and brown that also create a rustic appeal to the decor. This arrangement also makes the best use of the christmas pieces and brings to life a stunning space.

Details : remodelandolacasa

4. The Monochrome Touch

The Monochrome Touch

The simple black and white theme work with almost any other color just like the red touches in this decor making a super pretty combination. Right from the elegant I Love You bunting to the tiny planters, everything about the mantel arrangement is classy and looks absolutely perfect. The work to put together this setting is extremely easy as you just have to collect some cute printables right for the decor. The focal point of this decor are the clipboards where one features a striped background with a red heart and the other one adorns the I love you message. A vintage touch is brought by the black lanterns accented with red hearts and a ribbon along with the bright planters in red and grey. The bunting brings the final touches to the mantel decor with the fine design and pretty hearts and letters.

Details : tatertotsandjello

5. DIY Double Valentines Wreath Tutorial

DIY Double Valentines Wreath Tutorial

With a little repurposing and creativity, bring life to a glorious mantel decor that will surely add a new level of beauty to your interior decor just like this one here. Turning an old window frame to a stunning weathered backdrop that will house the magnificent wreath and become the focal point in the setting. The wreath consists of two wreaths wrapped in rustic patterned burlap cloth, topped with the XO wooden sign and embellishments making it a piece of splendour and beauty. The finishing touches to the mantel are brought by the vintage planters loaded with bright green boxwood elements that contrast with the rustic wreath and bring a deep pop of color. The bunting also made from burlap cloth and ribbons accents the space gorgeously. Have a look at the link below for a better understanding of the arrangement.

Details : craftaholicsanonymous

6. Neutral Valentines Day Mantel

Neutral Valentines Day Mantel

Switching from the reds and pinks, if you are looking for a different theme then this neutral decor is your thing as the color scheme here makes the space absolutely rustic and also fulfills the purpose of a lovely setting perfect for the Valentines day. The mantel here is adorned with a stunning focal point formed by a vintage looking lush book page wreath paired with an equally rustic board. The lanterns and metal cans add to the vintage appeal with the decor. A little touch of color is brought by the rainbow colored crochet heart banner that makes a stunning accent to the mantel while the trees made with coffee filter paper compliment the entire arrangement with utmost beauty and splendour. The show stopper here is surely the gorgeous wreath.

Details : thediymommy