18 Valentine’s Day Mantle Decor Ideas Worthy of Falling in Love With!

Dedicating itself entirely to decor, the mantel is a huge platform to let your creative juices flowing, specially when it’s about getting it set for valentine’s day. Below are 18 gorgeous Valentine’s day mantel decor ideas that you will instantly fall in love with!

13. All You Need Is Love Mantle

All You Need Is Love Mantle

With a little lighting brought to picture, this mantle setting here features a gorgeous elegance. The focal point here is made by the monochrome letters that display a glorious golden ambient light bringing the entire mantle to life also making a compliment with the framed chalkboard. The chalkboard also comes with a message that says ‘All you need is’ and completes the scene with the lit letters. The additions of the pink and white florals brings a pop of color in the arrangement while the bunting with bright pink, white, grey and black patterned flags adorning the wooden clothespins. Being simple and much on the minimalistic side, this decor brings out the right subtle appeal for Valentines day. The couple of vases with a vintage touch also adds a rustic vibe to the space.

Details : homebyheidi

14. Monochromes and Love Blocks

Monochromes and Love Blocks

Flaunting the beauty of this stunning blend of red and monochrome, this mantle decor here comes with some glorious elements starting from the magnificent backdrop that features a super pretty black and white striped pattern along with the centerpiece that is the huge red heart wreath made only with paper cones. The mantle is beautifully accented with a simple bunting adorned with shiny golden hearts while the frame with golden and monochrome patterned hearts also makes a combination with it adding to its beauty. The pieces that house heart shaped chocolates wrapped in red also add the gorgeous touch of the color of Valentines.  The ‘Love’ letter blocks in the center are different from the entire setting and also have a versatile design featuring ribbons, letters, patterns and buttons. A shimmery vase stands at the corner displaying a large bunch of red florals and greeneries.

Details : bloominghomestead

15. Bring in Some Glitter

Bring in Some Glitter

With a minimal decor and just a few items, a super pretty arrangement can be brought to life. Starting from the shiny and shimmering wreath that is hung on the mirror, it makes the look extremely glorious. The addition of the pure black pieces takes the setting to an all new level of splendour like the vintage looking candle stands adorning the bright red candles, the black picture frame and the vase that comes with a matte finish housing some greeneries. The centerpieces of the space here are the wreath and the three jars that are loaded with versatile Valentines candies complimenting the color scheme. The mantle is accented with a super cute and chic garland in red and pink that is absolutely easy to put together while the magnificent red roses make a beautiful statement.

Details : thesunnysideupblog

16. Lantern Loaded with Ornaments

Lantern Loaded with Ornaments

A mere look at this beautiful Valentine’s day mantel is enough to explain how a simple arrangement of just a handful of items and a few decorative elements is enough to steal the show with complete splendor and define the spirit of the day. The chief element here is that huge glass lantern that’s loaded with so many glittery bright ornaments in pink and white. A picture frame with a weathered texture holds a glass pane that has got 14 written in the foreground to signify the date of the big day, while a sparkling pink heart stands in the front! For the extra touches of decor, you can add some fresh green branches to make the colours pop even more, plus bring in some romantic banners or garlands into the scene. A simple love banner hangs to the edge of the mantel here and gets the work done with true perfection!

Details : pin.it

17. Rustic Valentine’s Day Mantle

Rustic Valentine's Day Mantle

If you are a rustic lover, then this little arrangement here is your thing as it perfectly displays the look. The couple of small picture frames feature a weathered wooden frame and a simple idea of making the super cute heart pattern. All you need to do is grab some pink and red lipsticks and make a heart with a gradient touch. The huge frame simply adorns a cartoonish moustache adding a fun vibe to the decor and is also the focal point in the setting. The showstopper here is the heart bunting covering the frames that is made with black hearts and a burlap string enhancing the rustic look. A bunch of greeneries and lots of red and pink roses in a metal can also adorn the mantle while the lettering sign saying ‘Be Mine’ stands gloriously in the middle of the entire decor.

Details : justdestinymag

18. Red and White with Turquoise Accents

Red and White with Turquoise Accents

Switching a little from the regular colors of Valentines, this setting here also flaunts some touches of turquoise making a combination with red and white. The framed chalkboard stands tall as the backdrop for the decor while the tiny picture frames display the purpose of the lovely day. This decor features different little elements that make the space absolutely vintage adding a lot of beauty and splendour. The turquoise additions to the arrangement add a unique pop of color and the red and white pom pom garlands accent the mantle making it super cute. On the corner, the magnificent vase is placed with huge branches bringing a little rustic appeal to the decor while the red roses in the center beautify the look. The antique red lanterns and the white letter box add to the vintage vibe and also compliment the entire theme.

Details : thefrugalhomemaker

From charming up the mantel with garlands to throwing in loads of glitters and sparkles into the space, we are totally delighted with the above Valentine’s day mantel decor ideas!