Here’s How You Can Grow Onions at Home and Make Them Even More Precious!

Of course, you have got all kinds of fruits and veggies loaded in the racks of that supermarket nearby. But isn’t there something so much more precious about growing absolutely fresh plants at home? If home-grown veggies is your cup of tea, here’s how you can grow onions in your very own garden!

You Can Grow Onions at Home

The amazing thing about onions is that once you grow them by yourself, you never have to buy onions from outside anymore. All it takes is to grab their root ends and keep planting them as new plants, and voila! You always have one of the most popular kitchen staples right in your yard at all times.

While it may call for a little bit of care when it comes to making your onion plant thrive and produce fine yields, this YouTube video tutorial takes you through the detailed steps you need to follow to grow an onion plant from the very scratch. It isn’t only super easy to get it all done, but also calls for just a handful of supplies to get started.

What you are going to need to begin with the project is a large plastic bottle which is going to double up as the planter for your homegrown onions. The very first step is to cut the top of the bottle to achieve a large cylindrical container-like shape – you can use a paper cutter or a blade to get that done.

Growing Onions is not easy but it is too easy

(Video and pictures via Home & Garden)

Further, you need to make evenly spaced holes throughout the surface of the bottle, each of which is actually going to work as a placeholder for the onions. A heated knife or a hot iron rod can come handy to work up to this step. Make tiny holes at the bottom of the bottle as well in order to allow for drainage. Grab another bottle, and simply cut out a portion of its bottom, placing the same right underneath the large planter bottle that you just made.

Take a sheet of paper and place it at the bottom of the planter from the inside, further adding loads of potting soil into the same. Grab store-bought onions and place them atop the soil in a way that each of them fits the holes you made in the bottle while leaving the middle circle as it as. Keep repeating the step, while adding layers of more potting soil between two onion layers. When you reach the top, place a few more rooted onions at the top and cover them with soil.

It’s time to water your plant, manage the drainage at the bottom, and wait patiently while you watch your onion plant grow bigger and healthier each day. You will love how the buds start growing longer, which you can cut and eat by adding to those salad affairs or other dishes. You can always turn them into all-new onion plants by grabbing the root ends and planting them in a pot or the ground in your yard.

Take a look at the video for a deeper insight into the super easy yet amazing hack!